First Look: Crysis 2 Side By Side (PS3 & Xbox 360)

As we’re hard at work tackling every aspect that Cyrsis 2 has to offer to ensure you an in-depth analysis, we decided to ease the wait by releasing a First Look of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 single player campaigns running side by side. Rest assure our full analysis will be coming in the next couple days, but until then try to spot any differences. That is, if you can!

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Ghoul2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Oh boy IGN is plain out lying they gave crysis 8.5 for graphics on the ps3 and 9.5 on the xbox.

they claimed it looked far worse on the ps3 and that it has framerate issues worse lighting and lower res textures, WELL its NOT true. Check the screens you cant really find any differences.

the video on lens of truth shows the same result on both platforms even in framerates (real fps measures coming soon)

only difference i found and that is in favor of the ps3

units2819d ago

gamereactor also said 360 version had the edge and if anything we should be going by is digital foundry not lens of truth which has been under fire by the gaming media for bullshit comparisons

Ghoul2819d ago

true they where attacked for mostly choosing the xbox but when a comparison is even you cant blame anyone can you ?

StanLatMarveldotCom2819d ago

@ units

Nowgamer said the same thing but I can't see a difference and really, it's difficult to see subtle differences in compressed video. I just wished everyone would wait for Digital Foundry's analysis. You can feel anyway you want but it is the most comprehensive and accurate.

MaxXAttaxX2818d ago

The same IGN editor that gave the upper hand to the 360 version also reviewed the PS3 version... hmmm...

I already spoke my mind on him earlier anyway:
So that'll be it.

PS3 or PC for me.

anubis562819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

On consoles, The 360 version looks better, sharper and has better black levels

see the ground and the "fence shadow on the right side"

The ps3 version looks a bit blurry, even in the picture you posted the faces looks more detailed on the 360 version.

Ghoul2819d ago

i give up....

it looks the same.

blacklevels are a tv setting thing (everyone saynig the different is a noob sorry)

and the faces look the same the body textures are way sharper on the ps3 if you want to point something out



astrobrights2819d ago

I wouldn't say the 360 version has better black levels.. it's just darker. Definitely looks better on the PS3 in almost every possible way.

Pixelated_Army2819d ago

this is a good example that shows the differences in lighting between the PS3 and Xbox.

MaxXAttaxX2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Dude, do you honestly believe dark contrast and black crush is "good"? Just look at the rifle. There's loss of detail.
Here's another example:
So I'm sure you must be joking.

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N4PS3G2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

You want a good comparison? Check this one out using a Digital Foundry rig instead of tiny, out of focus, with unloaded textures pics from Lens of Truth.

You'll see that neither IGN, Gamereactor or any of the other sites were lying. -PS3 -360

Even if they look very similar, the fact that the PS3 version has lower resolution makes the image look stretched by 20%, compared to 10% on 360. (1152 x 720 vs 1024 x 720)

MisfitSmurf2819d ago

the Ps3 screen are in 1080 while the 360 were 720, so those screens are BS.

Pixel_Enemy2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Crysis looks much better on my console than your console. My E-peen is much bigger than your E-peen.

Better looking multiplats don't make up for a lack of exclusives in my book! Especially if you have to put them side by side to ever notice the difference. Grasping at straws much?

morganfell2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

What concerns me in those two shots, and the reason I call them into question, is the HUD. It would be one thing if just the backgrounds were blurry.

But the HUD is generated using Scaleform. That isn't directly part of the engine. Think of it as an overlay. This is the reason why something doesn't seem quite right. Either the shot is taken incorrectly or this is another example that Crytek isn't quite as competent as they appear to be.

EDIT: Scratch what I typed above about Crytek. As I was typing this I started Crysis 2 for the first time...and my HUD is clean and in focus. I have to call BS on that PS3 pic.

KillerBBs2819d ago

Resolution means nothing! I can have a high resolution image of a low resolution subject... and it will always display a low resolution to you naked eye... But if it makes you feel better read the numbers on the box, continue being fooled my the industry.

Spenok2819d ago

Lol, if you will notice, the ps3 image is stretched. AND the pictures are exactly the same picture. If you go to any picture with a crosshair in it you will notice they are in the EXACT same spot. Theres no way in hell for a comparrison shot that anyone would be able to do something like that.

Simply said these comparrison shots are BS.

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anubis562819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

"faces look the same the body textures are way sharper on the ps3"

I'm not trying to be a fanboy here...
But NO it doesn't look the same! the black guys face looks flat and less detailed on the PS3.
Why the hell denying the truth

Ghoul2819d ago

you do realise that the the screens dont have the exact same frame capture the blackguy has his eyes closed and it looks like a motionblurred is active at that point, why not compare the white guys face they look absulutly identical.

but again and again and again

they look the same stop the nitpicking

SnakeMustDie2819d ago

I think they gave it that kind of score because it's not a graphical benchmark compared to the exclusives on the PS3.

Jocosta2819d ago

Yes sir, I am afraid it is. It does look better than KZ3.

fooltheman2819d ago

I cam say that kz3 still looks best overall...denying is futile

sasuke992819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

"the screens dont have the exact same frame capture? motionblurred?"

Lol are you serious...Wash your eyes first then learn some English mate

MisfitSmurf2819d ago

"Are you serious? Wash your eyes first, then learn some English Mate."


Ghoul2819d ago

im not your mate, mate.

i do know how to speak proper english, forgive me your excellency, i didn´t meant to hurt your grammar proven eyes in the slightest.

oh and maybe you wan't to rethink your manners, it's not the nicest of things to talk to people in such a way.

here let me correct the sentence for you:

The frame captured isn't exactly the same on both systems, and additionally the ps3 version seems to have a motionblur active on the captured frame shown in the screen.

Jocosta2819d ago

I am running them side by side, little to no difference.

telekineticmantis2819d ago

there's barely a difference, all I see is the PS3 version looks a little darker. Before I looked at which was on either system I tried to see which one is better, and the differences. 8.5 to 9.5? they are not that significantly different, you have to be a blind monkey to truly believe so.

SoulMisaki2819d ago

We all used to play games for fun. Not for graphics or online.

I remember just having a GBC and playing that whenever I got a chance. I was fine with it because it was fun. Nowadays we have comparisons and reviews and online and a bunch of other BS that was never needed.

What matters is the games and the entertainment they give you.

Not how many FPS they push on what console.
Not which one has better black levels.
Not which one has better controls.
Not which console is better.
Not if it's exclusive or not.
Not if it's a RTS or FPS.

But if it's fun. And I think that should always be what matters. It always should have been.

RatherHavaBigGirl2819d ago

all i know is crysis 2 has set the bar for me in the graphics department. i know there are other fps out there that look great aside from crysis 2, but, it really is gorgeous and i dont say that about many games...i dont think ive ever said it about any fps this gen actually lol. im playing on the ps3 and its jaw dropping, it looks so real(just as it does on 360). and the gameplay is the best in console fps right now imo. its open, giving the players multiple options of engaging or not engaging the enemy. crytek did an excellent job and much props to them

S_C2819d ago


"only difference i found and that is in favor of the ps3

Would love to know where you can see the ps3 has the upper hand in that screen shot.
You even said yourself that they both look identical and then straight after it you say the ps3 has the upper hand in a screenshot, talk about contradicting yourself.

Both consoles look identical with amazing graphics, just enjoy the game and stop knit picking.

ImHereNow2819d ago

Well I just want the best verion of C2 on console

And the ps3 version is another crappy port so 360 it is

anubis562819d ago

lol what??
so the black guy got effected by the motion blur but the other guy is not, how?
motion blur can effect the whole screen not just one character, dude you're making yourself look stupid lol!
Both screens the 360 and ps3 captured at the same time and same angle no motion blur or whatever.

again and again and again...

On consoles, The 360 version looks better!

gypsygib2819d ago

Motion blur can definitely affect one character or object and not the whole screen.

Whatever helps you sleep at night anis56.

gypsygib2819d ago

I'm done with IGN, visited them for almost ten yeas too. Their views just differ to much from mine so I can't rely on them. KZ3 SP was actually pretty good, the biggest gaming inovation in 2009 wasn't MW2 death perks and the differences between Crysis 2 versions are negligible like Crytek said.

What did they do, hire a bunch of MS and Activision fanboys.

NanoSoldier2819d ago

give it up fanboys ... 360 is a beast! Crysis is too much for PS3. Best looking game on console on 360 baby!

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DelbertGrady2819d ago

Most. Compared. Game. Ever. :)

DrFUD2819d ago

Looks the same to me.
I try not to judge people but.
Anyone who claims they can see one is better than the other is nuts.

3dawg2819d ago

have to agree with this guy. anyone who can afford to do so, do what i did. i run the game on both systems at the same time on my 46" tv pip see if you see any difference with the same settings. good luck.

stuntman_mike2819d ago

this game is pretty poor all across the board whether you have PC, 360, PS3 and overrated.