Telegraph: Crysis 2 Review

Crysis 2 is a very good game, then, but one which feels restricted. Much like the linear maps Alcatraz often finds himself in, the game feels like it's being walled in. It's cinematic, and in many cases thrilling, with some satisfying weaponry and the added tactical inclusion of the Nanosuit, but it's all very familiar; a beautiful world in which you feel more like a tourist, thrust through the corridors of New York on a rollercoaster-fast ride that still manages to drag a bit.

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Shackdaddy8364330d ago

It wasn't that linear...

My god, his only gripe was that it was really linear (not really) and that it had horrible AI (not that bad) and he gives it a 7 and calls it a CoD clone....

starchild4330d ago

Let's just say I HIGHLY disagree with this review.

DatNJDom814330d ago

This review gets a 4/10.

coolfool4329d ago

Did you guys even read the review?

Not saying I agree with him but he documents a lot more gripes than it just being a bit linear and didn't have great AI.

From what I've read so far from reviews the AI (mentioned by a few review sites) can be hit or miss. It sounds like you could go through the game without seeing a single glitch but another time you might get quite a few.

He also criticised the sound quite a bit.....

I suppose one point off for each of these elements seems fair from his perspective.

DigitalAnalog4329d ago

"Crysis 2 To Feature the Most Intelligent AI Ever Seen"


So now I see a lot of reviews saying the AI is a bigger issue than it is. Which make me wonder - did they drop the AI in favor for more "graphics"?

-End statement

Shackdaddy8364329d ago

It actually has really smart AI but it's glitchy. Like if you rip off a machine gun and go into armor mode, the people freak out.

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therapist4330d ago

graphically this game on pc just destroyed everything that will come out for the next year

Seijoru4330d ago

Bf3, Metro, Brink, Skyrim, etc. Crisis 2 is rather disappointing on Pc to be honest, great performance but the graphical leap just isn't there.

therapist4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

those will all be tasty, but yet to be seen, you may be right though, bubs!

personally though, crysis 2 on pc maxed looks better than anything i have seen from any other game on any platform ever, metro2033 is close, but very linear and slow paced and no mp