Impressions: Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War

Bitbag writes "The new Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War demo is out on Xbox Live Marketplace. What we've seen up until now is mostly CG with a few in game shots. The game looked very promising and after playing the demo, we're sold.

You play the role of a mercenary in the middle of a war between France and England. The war is fought off of Normandy. Once you create a character, you'll find yourself in a tavern. The barkeep will give you some information on the war and from their you can pick a contract and go earn some money."

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HowarthsNJ4029d ago

Didn't like it a bit. Wasn't worth the time it took to download IMO.

ghost3054029d ago

The controls for this game are garbage. I do not have any problem with the squad controls but the individuals control sucks balls. The guy individually can only do one move. Its amazing how one little mistake like that can become the monkey that breaks the camels back.

socomnick4029d ago

I have yet to try it. Im sure its ok not that great.

Play B3yond4029d ago

This games been out for a while in japan. U can get it in chinatown

Shankle4029d ago

It's fine, but not worth taking much notice of.