Crysis 2 PS3 Install Smaller Than Initially Thought

Last week, we revealed that the Crysis 2 installation data size is at least 4GB based on what it says on the box.
After installing the game’s data, it seems that it actually installed less than the data that it stated on the box art

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jay22770d ago

Oh that's good then.

Zydake2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Woo installing right now I hope so

Done with the install mine ran quick. Cant check in-game =\

sikbeta2770d ago

I need to ask this, there is a problem with installs in the PS3? why everytime there is an article about the install-data size of certain game? you know it's pretty easy to change the hdd from the PS3 when you run out of space, a 320GB HDD @ 5400rpm runs smooth inside of the PS3 :P

distorted_reality2770d ago

Yeah i've never really understood this either.

Godmars2902770d ago

Its because its mandatory versus the optional installs for the 360. It doesn't matter that the PS3 has always had larger HDD or BR, actually because of BR, if there's ever a case of an install being required it will be treated as a major issue.

In short, its a blind/reactionary attack point. One that's been undermined because the install for the 360 is larger.

zeddy2770d ago

if it improves performance i'd install 20gb, i dont know what the fuss is all about.

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ShadyDevil2770d ago

I can raise the bar on the above comments... Call of Duty NEVER has any install.

Zydake2770d ago

Cause its the same shet :D

Corepred42770d ago

you mean lower the bar?

Ducky2770d ago

It'd raise the bar if we were playing limbo.

Nes_Daze2770d ago

I never had an issue with installs on my PS3, not sure about those who don't own one...

Bathyj2770d ago

From what I've read, those that dont own one have a huge problem with the installs on PS3.

Objective2770d ago

Have to wonder though why there is a need for install even when there is the supposed advantage of blu-ray storage?

strickers2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Because the disc does not spin as fast so read times are slower.The BR disc are faster at 1x than DVD but the 360 has something like 12x(???)DVD.
Games built for both tend to have installs.The other thing is the game engine can't rely on an HDD because of MS horrible decision to have the Arcade,just to get a cheap console out.This is why PS3 exclusives from the best tech devs don't need an install.They just cache onto the HDD in advance.

PirateThom2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

1x Blu-ray and 1x DVD are not the same speed.

The PS3's 2x drive reads at a constant 9MB/s.

The 360's drive reads at a variable speed, most 360 games are dual layer, which reduces the read speed to maximum 8x (4.36MB/s - 10.57MB/s) and it varies across the disc as DVD doesn't give a constant read speed. Even on a single layer game, it's still 9.25MB/s - 15.85MB/s.

The biggest difference is that when you need fast access to the data, you can cache it to a faster read portion of the disc which you can't on Blu-ray.

Clarence2770d ago

Just wondering, anybody notice that a week or two before KZ3 came out reviews were out for the game. I mean the sites were reviewing KZ3 before the online servers were up. Yet I can't find one review score about Crysis 2.

MightyMark4272770d ago

its because Crysis 2 is embargoed until tomorrow. No reviews will be posted until 9AM PST unless they get the game illegally.

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