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I know, I know, what the hell am I thinking right? The PSP Go was a flop - and that was in 2010! Well, I didn’t play the PSP Go in 2010 but I’ve played it in 2011 and you know what, I absolutely love it.

Believe me, I could have never imagined me saying this as recently as a month ago - I had no interest in the PSP Go whatsoever and was more than happy with my PSP Slim & Lite……or so I thought anyway.

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Ddouble2765d ago

I want one too. I've seen a lot of people picking them up recently with the deals going around and i'm tempted.

FinalSpartan2765d ago

i actually like the PSP go design to NGP. NGP looks alright but abit bulky. It would be awesome to slide up and find two analog sticks.

Close_Second2765d ago

The Go is the height of PSP design. Its such a shame the NGP is such a step backwards in terms of form factor.

I use my Go for 50% gaming, 30% music and 20% movies. How in hell do I use the NGP for listening to music when you can't put the thing in your pocket with headphones plugged in?

DigitalHorror812765d ago

@ Close Second, I feel your pain! The PSP GO is an awesome piece of hardware and for the $120 that I bought it for (Brand new) I couldn't be happier. The thing I hated most about the Go to begin with was the terrible price. Now you can buy them used all over the place for about $100-110. It's crazy. I've got 6 games on mine and it's SO NICE to not have to lug games anywhere. I absolutely love it and actually, I am tempted to buy another IN ADDITION to my NGP this Christmas, which already has $100 on it on reserve. The lady at my Gamestop said she expects NGP games to be $40! The same as the new retail PSP games are RIGHT NOW!

Parapraxis2765d ago

I picked one up for 100$ last thursday.
It's a pretty solid little machine.


Pedobear Rocks2765d ago

Picked one up for $ that price point it is a no brainer.

Actually at that price point its like the are giving them away like candy...

ButterToast2765d ago

I love my PSP Go <3. but sony needs to start dropping prices of those digital games. I will never pay more than ~$20 on a portable game and if I am paying $20 it better be damn good! some of the games on the store need to be dropped to $10 or sony needs to have more sales. I've spent way more money on steam just because of impulse buys from really good sales. hell i was only mildly interested in metro 2033 when I bought it and I guarantee i would never have bought it if it wasn't on sale.

DigitalHorror812765d ago

I think I saw one for $50. I can't, and WON'T go 50 for a digital download. Can you imagine if the game sucked? That's 50$ blown to the wind! Thank God we've got retail physical copies on the NGP come Christmas.

ButterToast2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

NGP Is too big and too expensive for me, as nice as the hardware looks, I'm not paying $300 for a portable gaming device. as far as digital downloads go, I'm ok with paying normal prices for PC games on Steam, but yes $50 is outrageous for a portable game. I don't plan on buying physical media again for portable gaming but I'm glad sony through in the option.

Dart892765d ago

I bought one from my friend brand new for $110 cuz he was in need of money now time to fill it up with my games.

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