The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition Is the PSP Go All Over Again

Ed writes: Yesterday, Microsoft revealed the brand new, disc drive less Xbox One S All Digital Edition console to the... confusion of a lot gamers.

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ziggurcat787d ago

it's more prevalent now, so I don't think it's the same thing. I've been all digital since 2014, so if the next gen of consoles has a discless SKU as well as one for physical media, I would likely get the discless one.

ThinkThink787d ago

Yeah, it's just another option to add to the mix. Does seem like it's releasing way too late in the generation though. I was also expecting $200. I don't see anyone buying this at $250.

darthv72785d ago

I love the PSP Go. It is an awesome little handheld that can also double as a home console. I'm still amazed that so many people DONT know about that feature. sure the 2k and 3k could plug into a tv but you still had to use them as the controller. The Go has a dedicated dock and you can sync a sixaxis controller to it for couch play using an actual controller. Doing what the switch does, before the switch.

Mine has an additional 16gb M2 card inserted for 32gb of storage. the main problem was Sony not having any sort of digital validation program for people with existing UMD's. It was rumored they were working on a UMD reader that could plug into the USB of a PS3 and then it could validate the game and allow you to dl a digital version to play on the Go. They were also toying with the idea of digital trade in program at retailers, along those same lines. You bring your UMD games to trade in for digital versions.

Despite what people think about its failure... it really is an awesome little device.

Knightofelemia785d ago (Edited 785d ago )


Yes you do pay for the license with either physical or digital. But with physical you get a sense of owner ship with that title unlike digital. And if a studio loses a license then a person who wants to buy that game digitally is screwed. Like when Activision lost the license to all the Transformers games and the digital copies all got ripped from the digital stores. People who bought the digital copies can still access the games but a new person can't.

annoyedgamer786d ago

Have fun paying more for all digital. Try bot to get to violate the ever changing TOS too...

ziggurcat786d ago

it's the same ToS whether you buy digital or physical.

DarXyde786d ago


Not where licensing is concerned.

GameStallion786d ago (Edited 786d ago )

I heard they released it just to test the “diskless” waters so to speak in gathering research for next gen.

ziggurcat785d ago


It’s exactly where licensing is concerned. You’re paying for the same license regardless of whether you buy physical or digital.

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shaenoide786d ago

A diskless SKU without at least an HDD upgrade is pointless IMO.

ziggurcat786d ago (Edited 786d ago )

Well, that's almost a moot point as you'll likely be able to plug in an external HDD of far greater capacity than what the internal drive would be. You could easily just use that external for games storage, and transfer any games from the external to the internal for the duration of time you play that game.

darthv72785d ago

Technically... it did get a hdd upgrade. Majority of the S units are 500gb while some specific bundles include 1tb or more.

demonicale786d ago

But with all digital the prices at launch are £10 more here in the UK, not sure about the US though?

rainslacker785d ago (Edited 785d ago )

It's certainly the same principal. But yeah, times have changed and there may be a market for it. I think that market may be more prevalent if they priced it lower, but never know. Stranger things have happened. Although, I think its success depends more on MS making X1 more popular overall.

PSP Go was a neat little system though. I might have been interested except I could have downloadable games on the regular version which I already had. Best part I liked about it was the sliding control pad. On the flip side....there is really nothing special about the X1SAD.

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PhoenixUp787d ago

Sony at least had the decency to put in 16GB storage in the PSP Go which was more space than what other models with disc drives had out of the box to compensate for the lack of physical media.

Microsoft didn’t even bother putting in a 4TB HDD into this thing to make it more enticing over a standard model. This whole things reeks of halfassed decisions just to see how the market reacts to an all digital device.

bluebenjamin786d ago

Like the Ps4 pro less than half of a difference on screen from ps4 base lol talk about half azzed

Atticus_finch786d ago

The pro has the best looking games... Unlike the Xbox SAD!

bluebenjamin786d ago

@ Atticus the soup textures are not the best in gaming Sony needs talented developers because the pro is weak in power.Ps5 will show you how terrible Pro is.And yeah im not a fanboy so I can care less about xbox sad.Im a ps3 fan 360 Dreamcast onex fan never been a fan of Base ps4 or pro or xbox one base and s

King_Noctis786d ago (Edited 786d ago )

4TB? Won’t that increase the price of the console even further? Even the much more expensive Xbox One X and PS4 Pro has nowhere near that much amount of storage.

Let be real now and not complain just for the sake of it.

DarXyde786d ago

I think it's a blatant push for Game Pass. Since games cycle through frequently, you don't need to top off on storage unless you're buying.


Pro is not what it *could have* been. They could have included dedicated BC hardware which would've been sweet and a UHD bluray drive if you're into that... but on the other hand, Pro does some pretty incredible things with the specs it has. I only have a base PS4, and I'm still seriously impressed with Sony's studios. God of War, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Uncharted 4 to name a few look stunning in the base hardware.

I'm pretty happy with not buying a Pro though because the next generation is gonna be that much sweeter.

PhoenixUp786d ago

@ blue

Dafuq are you even talking about?

@ King

Because 4TB is the only reasonable way you’d convince consumers to give up a physical drive. Nixing the disc slot is a pretty big deal and not making a huge incentive for consumers is really insulting.

There’s even been a 2TB Xbox One model yet Microsoft didn’t bother including that size in this thing. Not that 2TB on its own would justify lacking physical media, but it would’ve been a lot better than the 1TB

Imortus_san786d ago

You mean like the PS4 not having a 4k Blu Ray player?

DarXyde785d ago (Edited 785d ago )

Not exactly. We're talking about an all digital console not having something as essential as more HDD storage. The original Xbox One launched with a 500GB HDD and a device that ONLY accepts digital content only has 2x that. Doesn't make a lot of sense, especially when every game has to be installed either way. It's also $250 and doesn't offer real advantage over the original One S at all.

PS4 not having a 4K blu ray player doesn't seem to have hurt a GAMING device's popularity and appeal.

Keep up, homie.

Nintentional785d ago

Yeah the PSP Go was good, because Sony. Xbox One S All digital is bad because there’s no Sony logo on it, you’re right.

Silly gameAr785d ago

Your name is Nintentional. I think that says all we need to know about you.

DarXyde785d ago

Both are pretty bad.

I think the argument being made here is that 16GB storage in PSP is decent since games were much smaller back then, but 1TB for an all-digital console with games that frequently require patches and updates and has Game Pass is pretty paltry.

Now if someone buys this with the sole intention of playing exclusives, 1TB is probably fine.

Otherwise, no, all digital gaming devices are not great ideas. To the PSP Go's credit though, it's a portable device. A portable DVD player with all digital access is practical where you can have a DVD player and DVD collection at home.

Switch gets it right in my opinion. The cartridges are tiny and easy to move around with, so going all digital makes less sense for that. I don't see any reason for an all digital home console. Options are good, sure, but I just don't see the point unless you're really constrained on space.

Something for everyone, I guess...

darthv72785d ago

I added a 16gb M2 to mine for 32gb of storage. My other PSP models only have 8gb MSPDuo cards.

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isarai787d ago

Its far more relevant now and could EASILY be a popular choice...

but just not at that price

RizBiz786d ago

At least Sony had the decency to improve the design with the PSP Go.

chris235786d ago

nope. the go had a few games. the xox got nothing.

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