Atlus Confirms PSP Titles Will Stay Available for Purchase

Atlus has confirmed that their PSP titles will still be available for purchase through the PS3 and PS Vita stores, even after the closure of the PSP store on July 2nd.

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XiNatsuDragnel45d ago

Cool! I hope more developers do this for the PSP title.

45d ago
FallenAngel198445d ago

When a third party publisher is more dedicated to a platform’s long term lifecycle than the manufacturer themselves

Atlus is the true chad

Darkborn45d ago

Well yeah, Sony has to pay for overhead and infrastructure as well as maintenance and personnel for the 4 psp users out there while atlus just makes straight cash if someone buys one of their super outdated titles and that they are no longer patching or working on.

Axecution44d ago

Gotta wonder why they're even bothering to close the PSP store. All the games are still on the servers, and all the games are still purchasable on the pc and ps3 stores. Seems like the only thing they're doing is closing one web-based store