Release of the Week: Crysis 2

Console gamers may not be aware of the Crysis series, but it caused quite a stir in the PC world when it launched back in 2007. The game had such ridiculous system requirements that it even caused top of the line machines to cry. Those who could play it enjoyed unreal explosions and palm trees that would topple over under enough machine gun fire. Crysis 2 will bring the Battle to an urban setting and will let console gamers experience the mayhem...

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roblef2766d ago

This seems like such a "game of yesterday," though it's still crazy hawt in terms of how it looks.

Serjikal_Strike2766d ago

Where are the reviews? wont affect my decision on buying,cuz im still getting it..
but I still wanna see some reviews for crysis 2

cooperdnizzle2766d ago

Its funny console gamers may not be aware, you would have had to of lived under a rock to not hear about this game! And yea the first one sucked. I can run it on max setting, it looked good but it was one of the worst games a sat through and played! I have played the full version of the second one and its okay.

Moragami2766d ago

The first one was excellent. It captured the feeling of being an invincible unstoppable invisible force of destruction. Beautiful and immersive.

This one looks like the sucky one. I played the MP demo, it looked like turd.

Dynasty20212766d ago

EA has put a review embargo on Crysis 2, so we wont see any reviews other than magazines or piss-poor ones from people who have 'played the game', aka 'played the demo', until tuesday. Doesnt even come out in Europe until friday...god I hate that.

It's nothing really fresh, seeing as its a sequel and all.

It's more of a CryEngine 3 release for Crytek rather than a game. As a developing tool, it's cutting edge.

The game itself? Well, we'll find out. Though its really hard to do ANYTHING new in the FPS genre without being compared to garbage like CoD and Halo.

It looks ***t hot, and Im really looking forward to getting my mits on it though. The sound effects, graphics, style of play all look amazing and alot better than Crysis was.

Tachyon_Nova2766d ago

If it was a tech demo it wouldn't have a 12 hour campaign and a large multiplayer.

Hanuman2766d ago

The 'bulletcatching hero in a special suit saving the day in a militairy shooter' sounds pretty Halo to me. Sorry, this article brought up the thought, that's all....

Pintheshadows2766d ago

MCs suit might as well be made out of cardboard compared to the one in Crysis 2.

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