Crysis 2: Crytek Talks DRM, CryEngine 3 And More

Crytek’s Nathan Camarillo has spoken on the challenges of multi-platform development for a series lauded as a PC benchmark and talks about DRM in Crysis 2.

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imvix3512d ago

Think most PC gamers dont really care about this game anyways, an aggressive DRM will further hamper sales.

Crysis 1 was a must have for PC gamers, because not only was it a great game it was also a benchmark to see PC performance after updates. I dont see Crysis 2 having any of those traits, since its a linear game like most of the shooters out there plus it doesnt really push tech at all, runs fine on dated hardware.

Its few days away from launch and has yet to top the top sellers list on Steam, shows not many are buying this console port, specially given the rehashed gameplay and increased price.

Paladz3512d ago


Game isn't graphically a "wonder". It looks good no doubt, but the controls are bad - the movement is sluggy & the gameplay is a 100% Call of Duty rip-off with some future-tech perks.

CryTek decided to walk the console path - This means that every other title than Xbox360 will be utter shit. Crysis 1 was never "good" in terms of gameplay either, the only thing that CryTek can actually be proud of is their graphics and that's only with Crysis 1. Crysis 2 isn't a large improvement, so neither this one can they actually put out as a benchmark.

So long CryTek, you just lost ALOT of your PC fanbase by going into the console sandbox.

imvix3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

Its a matter of time Crytek might have shot themselves in the foot.

Crysis 1 sold over 3.5m on PC, warhead sold over 1.5m as of may 2010. Which is very good for a single platform of a new IP.

Note the FPS trend on consoles too, not much sells well these days. Its only COD that sells in the multimillion figures. People are getting tired of the same rehased stuff. Crytek decided to add one more to the list.

I personally think they wont be getting much of a reception on console, not the kind they are expecting anyways(cod numbers). In the end they have hurt their primary base and might not be getting too much out of console either.

chriski3333512d ago

Look im picking up crysis 2 on the ps3 tomorrow the video we saw looks pretty good so I just hope they have the multiplayer all set and ready to go if not then no more crytec or EA games for me

bumnut3512d ago

Im sure this game won't sell well on pc, Crytek will then blame piracy but the reality is they screwed over the pc crowd by selling out and making a crappy console port.

Johandevries3512d ago

Tell me more. Haven't tried it

chriski3333512d ago

Im sure its not just a crappy port since they said they had to rip apart the engine stop crying about it the pc still looks the best and u pc fanboys still aren't happy

imvix3512d ago

Maybe its because PC gamers actually have higher standards and wont buy a sequel that technically inferior to its predecessor.

Sure the graphics might be something new for console owners, but for PC owners it looks like a step backward, the game play is no longer open world like the previous game. Its linear like a console corridor shooter. Obviously this doesnt bother console gamer since they are pretty much used to this sort of treatment. Expect DLC announcement very soon, it the usual way how console gamers get treated, anything additional costs money, rehash after rehash.

bumnut3512d ago

They had to rip apart the engine so consoles could handle it, Which screwed over pc gamers.

Crysis was all about cutting edge graphics and physics, now its just another cod clone.... and a pretty poor one at that.

If it runs like a dream on a 2 year old pc, it is nowhere near cutting edge.