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I never had the pleasure to play the original Crysis but I spied it from a distance purely because I knew my computer at the time didn’t have the chops to run the game. When Crysis 2 was announce, I immediately took notice and paid close attention to the progress as little by little details came out with promises of gorgeous graphics and improved gameplay – Crytek has even gone as far as to say that Crysis 2 will have the best graphics in video game history complete with bold statements about having the most sophisticated AI in the history of games.

So how does the game stack up to such talk? Thankfully – Very well.

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Ducky4840d ago

... 7 hour campaign?


jjohan354840d ago

I'm buying this game because Hans Zimmer (Lion King, Gladiator, Last Samurai, Blackhawk Down, Pirates, Batman Begins, DArk Knight, Inception, etc) did the soundtrack.

Masterchef20074840d ago

Yeah 7 Hour? Didnt crytek said it would be 16 hours?

Andreas-Sword4839d ago (Edited 4839d ago )

Crysis 2 campaign is 13 hours!
source: http://www.gamereactor.eu/r...

TheRealMorganWebb4840d ago

I'm going to feed my trashcan...this review

Shackdaddy8364840d ago

It doesn't take 7 hours... Must have either been playin on easy or didn't time himself...

digoutyoursoul84840d ago

piss poor review, badly written, wouldnt be surprised the person "reviewing" downloaded a pirated copy

trancefreak4840d ago (Edited 4840d ago )

Some people race threw games which why they say this sometimes. I like to explore and not just run to my objectives.

Many different ways to get the job done so I like to explore some and be stealthy with crysis.

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The Crysis Trilogy Joins EA Access Vault

Featuring the complete nanosuit experience, The Crysis Trilogy has now joined the EA Access vault as a title that's free for those that subscribe to the EA service on Xbox One consoles.

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Games1st1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

Just in time for those that got the month trial.

DrDeath1440d ago

Wait? There is more than one? lol


Here are Star Wars The Force Unleashed, Crysis 2, RAGE & Resident Evil 2 Remake with Ray Tracing

YouTube’s members ‘Digital Dreams’ and ‘Jose cangrejo’ have shared some videos, showcasing Pascal Gilcher’s Reshade mod – which adds Ray Tracing/Path Tracing effects – in some really old games such as Star Wars The Force Unleashed, Crysis 2, RAGE and Resident Evil 6.

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traumadisaster1824d ago

I'm still learning how to look for the differences. At first I was focusing on shadows for some reason but I don't think that changes much, is it reflections that change?

rashada071824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

It is supposed to be simulating how light actually works- so yes if light is reflecting off a surface accurately it should show reflection or an effect that matches what you are looking at in the environment. Next time you play a game look at a puddle of water there may be just a "baked" in texture that if you aren't paying attention seems like it is reflecting but it isn't. I would say though if the light is reflecting more accurately I would think that would give more accurate shadows as well.
I am still not 100% sold on it- it looks okay but I can't get over the hardware price jump for better reflections..

Taz X141824d ago

While games won't look immensely better, it opens up more possibilities overall. Understandably, the price jump is huge. But, that can be said for being at the forefront for any new technology. I'm currently using a 2080ti and while I've played a few games that enable it, the gpu also plays everything else incredibly well so it's not like you're buying this tech for ONLY that option. Enthusiasts will pay top dollar to check out the newest things, but this will eventually become an everyday consumer and by then they'll have optimized and become a lot cheaper.

warriorcase1823d ago

Ray/path tracing can be used how the developer wants it to be. Tracing can be used to calculate shadows/lighting, reflection and even audio, where audio waves are calculated on the bounce off material types to simulate enviroment and echos accuratly.

Should also keep in mind that this ray/path tracing system is different and less accurate option from Nvidias RTX branded type. McFly's is a reshade that layers over the top of the game and therefor the quality will vary drastically. For example you can see nice reflection in the Star Wars demo here but it then introduces colour clipping with the light saber. On a video of GTA 5 for example it was incorrectly projecting a reflection of a red car onto the road which caused a very faint red glow on the ground around the car.

If you want to see a good example of a game developed with ray tracing reflection and lighting in mind then you could look up the youtube video of "Control - Exclusive E3 RTX GAMEPLAY Trailer".

DigitallyAfflicted1824d ago

It supposed to add more realistic light Not actually more light effects and explosions

traumadisaster1824d ago

I hate to say it but I’m fine with fake lights, shadows, reflections. I just kind of like the effect, it’s also great it saves resources for other things.

I’ve been checking out some original Xbox games on x360/x1x and the engine has fake light streaming in through a stained glass window, and I love it even though I know it’s not real time lighting. Heck it even shifts as I move about.

I’ve about convinced my self rt and hdr just doesn’t work for me. Before hdr I would even complain damn why are the headlights killing me they are so bright.

I notice most frame rate, then jaggies, then resolution; with the last two interchangeable depending.

Other day watched an enthusiast rave over 4k and the poor guy was in 1080p. I played the same game the night before and thought wow this is clean, I wonder if it’s 4k, but knew differently and I thought wow even resolution is not always important. The next day he apologized and was surprised he could be fooled.

RaidenBlack1824d ago

EA should have released the Crysis Trilogy Remaster for this gen.

FGHFGHFGH1819d ago

How come the lightsabers don't give off any light? Even in the EA star wars game the guy uses it to light up a dark cave. I guess if it is using frostbite it will support rtx cards.


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