Crytek Challenges Anyone to Find Crysis 2 PS3/360 Differences

Crytek has challenged anyone to find any differences between the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 version of the shooter.

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captain-obvious3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

Crytek just lost its position and crown as an awesome PC developer
to just the next treyarch

with this crysis installment
not only they made their PC fan base mad
but their new market (consoles) too
with that broken demo they released
to add insult to injury PS3 fan base too

now i dont know about you
im not a crysis guy
but i swear to god i could not play the crysis demo for even half an hour

downloaded it on my PC played it like 2 times
and deleted it after that

thats how bad it was

and yah
someone sends this Ahole that lens of truth link

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another Crisis article to glorify the already existing Crisis articles that are over 500degrees within 24hrs alone!

Quick someone bookmark this, when the inevitable 2nd video game crash happens you can use this article as a reference detailing how it happened, among other reasons.

-Alpha3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

"Crytek just lost its position and crown as an awesome PC developer
to just the next treyarch"

Why? Because the PS3 version isn't as good the PC version somehow isn't either? They are still top PC developers, the PS3 version just has been poorly ported by devs who've never worked on a PS3 until now

"downloaded it on my PC played it like 2 times
and deleted it after that

thats how bad it was"

What was wrong with it on PC? You weren't playing the final game. I doubt that Crysis 2 is as bad as you make it out to be

captain-obvious3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

@ alpha male
i could not give a shit about the PS3 version
but if you played the PC version
you'll know why i said that

the demo is clearly a console port
as soon as you start the demo BAAM

push the start button

good luck finding that on your keyboard
aim assist is on by default and you just dont do that with PC shooters
i mean there even should not be and aim assistance option in the game in the first place

the game was laggy as hell
and you cant connect to servers
if you did connect to a server
you'll have to wait for ever for the lobby to fill
and sometimes even if it was full
the game simply wont start
some times the lobby goes ape shit and reset the whole thing before the game starts so then you have to vote again for which map you want to play in

finally i got in to a game and what you know
you get disconnected
that demo was just pure shit

and i know it wasn't me
my ping was like 80 MAX

kevnb3783d ago

for some reason they let the has beens at free radical represent them. Dumb move, really hurt the sales. They are just completely delusional, they already showed this when they complained about crysis selling only 3 million copies.... 3 million copies is excellent for a single platform new ip that didnt have advertisements all over the place... but no they wanted halo 3 or cod4 sales, without the huge advertising budget.

-Alpha3783d ago


The MP demo on PC? I thought you meant the whole game (I assumed you were playing the hacked version)

So in that case, yeah, the game's MP may not be that stable, but EA servers, what did you expect? :P

My issue on PS3 is pop in, framerate, etc. which I hear isn't as bad or visible on the 360 version, which then leads me to believe the PC version is even better.

Still, I'll wait for the final game, the game is really unpolished but I thought it was pretty fun, despite not doing much special.

jjohan353783d ago

Are you a rapper or something lol. What's up with the short sentences without the punctuation marks?

MaxXAttaxX3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

360 makes every game darker. Darker ≠ better graphics. It's not really a good visual attribute.
While PC and PS3 are very similar in brightness and contrast levels.

Exhibit A: http://www.videogameszone.d...
Exhibit B: http://www.videogameszone.d...
And I'm not just talking about Crysis 2.

We'll see how the MP plays out in the final version.

Pixel_Pusher3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

I spoke to soon, it really is all about the gameplay. I'm having so much fun with the MP much more so than COD or KZ3.

Flipping threw Amor/Cloak/Nano vision while gunning is awesome and challenging much more so that just run and gun in any other game. Sweet!

Lower the screen rez to 720 and crank down the light levels in Cry2 and you should be good on the visuals.


llMurcielagoll3783d ago

This has nothing to do with this news feed on Crysis 2 but, how did you get that much bubbles?! :O

nickjkl3783d ago

kevnb they didnt complain about crysis selling 3 million they complained about crysis selling 1 million in its first six months

EA said it did better than expected because they were expecting less than 1 million to be sold in that time period

it didnt sell 3 million till 3-4 years later

ChrisW3783d ago

Oh! I know! One console version of it is on the PS3 and the other is on the Xbox360!!! Wow, that was difficult to figure out!

DragonKnight3783d ago

They sound like they are pleased by mediocrity. PS3 exclusives show it's edge over the 360 in terms of visuals. That they want to make the two versions looks the same is NOT a good thing. Merely means they are NOT using the PS3 to its potential. I challenge them to live up to their arrogance in believing they create the pinnacle of visuals in games.

mephixto3783d ago


The PC version is the worst. Why?

1.- The Retail only includes the Directx 9 version, Crysis 1 included the Directx9 and 10, this is a step back.
2.- The game look average on PC in someparts Crysis 1 look better
3.- We have to "Press Start" on the Pc demo, xbox360 port maybe?

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MAXIMUS CRY"Camarillo"troll= ENGAGE

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Oh wait. Damn it!

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Tigerblood ENGAGED!

awww 1 bubble for me. Odion is on his period.

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You have a great and fruitfull discussion going on here. Croash takes the top spot with his comment. Good stuff! Got a good mornings laugh.

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Me+PS3=ENGAGED (wedding sense, doh!)

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klashawnd3783d ago

For those of you (like me) who don't really trust Lens of Truth to do fair comparisons, here's a Youtube link of a comparison of the 360/PS3 and PC demos

BigPenguin3783d ago

Bubbles up, I am not sure why lens of truth is still being used by people after the debacle that was their mass effect 2 comparison.

AntiHeroComplex3783d ago

wow in this video x360 and ps3 versions are equal but pc is better. weird?

XxPURExX3783d ago

the water effects on the ps3 and pc looked the same in the bathroom, where the 360 didn't seem 2 have the water dripping from the roof.

Mozef3783d ago

Thanks, but still PS3 doesn't look good as 360, which crytech should be aware of that.

BloodyNapkin3783d ago

Really, you are going to post a video that looks better then the actually demo everyone gets to play. My PS3 demo looks no where near that good, i didnt see any jaggies or muddy textures that is present in the demo. And why wasnt the guy moving around so we could see framerate?

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saladthieves3783d ago

I laughed after reading this title. I laughed even more after reading the title...does the sub-HD resolution of the PS3 version of 1024 x 720 as opposed to the 360 counterpart of 1280 x 720 (HD) make a good start??

DaTruth3783d ago

The 360 version is not 1280x720! They are both sub HD! One slightly more sub HD than the other though!

saladthieves3783d ago

Wait...what??? Seriously???

XI_-Minty-_IX3783d ago

360 version is confirmed to be 1152x720.

zag3783d ago

720p is HD not sub HD 1080p is FullHD.

saladthieves3783d ago


The general definition of "HD" is a resolution of at least 1280 x 720 pixels. So the PS3 demo (running at 1024 x 720) is not HD because the horizontal resolution of 1024 is still lower than 1280 to qualify it as "HD".

Even if it had a resolution of 1280 x 680, it still wouldn't count as "HD". Might look like HD due to the aspect ratio, but the combined resolution of both the horizontal (1280) and vertical (680) is still lower than 1280 x 720. The same goes for the 360 version. So yeah, BOTH VERSIONS ARE SUB-HD.

Master of Unlocking3783d ago

Sorry to rain on your parade but the xbox360 version is sub-hd too, buddy.
And this GIF shows clearly the xbox360 lacks details and actually is more blurry than the PS3 version.

I think Crytek are right. Stop making mountains out of mole hills people.

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Jazz41083783d ago

Why don't we wait till the game comes up to make. Judgement calls like this.

arjman3783d ago


I don't think they even reached the graphical door...let alone the ceiling

Jonah_Reese3783d ago

Look Crytech maybe there are no differences maybe there are; I can't say because I have yet to play the demo, it would be asinine of me to anything right now. That said, if there are graphical differences that aren't doing the PS3 justice then just work on making your tech better for the PS3 (Make it more flexible). Apparently it's not flexible enough, however, thanks for calling out IGN.

bakasora3783d ago

That can only mean that, the PS3 version is dumbed down to make it identical with the X360. lol

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Klipz-Wish3783d ago

This article made me chuckle

Hanif-8763783d ago

Crytec is absolutely on crack, really? Talking about hallucination :-o

shoddy3783d ago

Crytec just STFU it's too late to recover.

you loose your credit and respect.

gamingdroid3783d ago

The key is he said "meaningful" and that is a very subjective word!

Maybe low resolution texture or slower frame rate (pulling stuff from thin air) isn't meaningful to him.

Biggest3783d ago

As much as Crytek talks about their graphics and performance, those examples should be meaningful to him. It's a little late in the game to pretend that Crytek is all about the gameplay.

Tyre3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

@ deadlyspartan..talking about u and ur Lemmings, i presume?

thekiddfran3783d ago

The challenge is trying to find how they are alike.

MajestieBeast3783d ago

They went from topnotch pc developer to mediocre multiplatform developer.

badz1493783d ago

but AVERAGE seems to suit them best at the moment

DaTruth3783d ago

As of late, the average is mediocre!

badz1493783d ago

so, no more average then? it's either good or bad huh? bad Crytek, BAD! :D