Head2Head: Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo Screenshot Comparison - (PS3 vs Xbox 360) Lens of Truth

Lens of Truth writes "Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head screenshot comparison! PlayStation 3 owners were finally given the chance to play Crysis 2 this week when the game's multiplayer demo was released on the PSN. There has been plenty of questions as to which of the two consoles versions of Crysis 2 would be the superior one, and while we don't expect the game's multiplayer demo to give us all the answers, it may give us a few. So engage that cloak and jump on into our latest Head2Head."

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DangerTick3966d ago

I'll wait for Digital Foundry to compare them. Then again, I don't really care since I only played 1 game in the multiplayer demo before deleting it. I'll stick with Killzone 3.

Sea_Man3966d ago ShowReplies(15)
just_the_tip3966d ago

Wait for what? Xbox version spanks the PS3...

come_stains3966d ago

LOL I know right! OMG I guess Xbox is still the FSP KING

StanLee3966d ago

The PS3 version looks muddy and washed out. Still waiting for Digital Foundry's comparison of the retail release next week.

xX TriiCKy Xx3966d ago


Probably because that's all the 360 has going for it...

DelbertGrady3966d ago

I wouldn't trust this comparison. They did one for Homefront as well with screenshots where the textures had not loaded in the 360 version.

In this comparison it looks like the RGB settings aren't properly configured for the PS3 version. And the staircase screenshot from the PS3 is in another spot than the one for the 360.

LOT's comparisons are as credible as the ones from those sites.

360 man3965d ago

wait a minute. didnt the developers say the ps3 was capable of producing more than the 360 ?

darn it im confused :((

theonlylolking3965d ago

That is not what my PS3 looks like on that game.

Heartnet3965d ago

@Delbert Lol why not trust it xD

It shudnt be up to the player to manually adjust the RGB settings anyhow lol so thats a minus for the ps3 already and even though its in anohter spot there probably the same stair case and it looks terrible on ps3 lol

MaxXAttaxX3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

@Stan Lee
PC and PS3 are very similar in brightness and contrast levels.

Exhibit A: http://www.videogameszone.d...
Exhibit B: http://www.videogameszone.d...

And I'm not just talking about Crysis 2.

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Silly gameAr3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

At least you got to play a game. I haven't had any luck getting in one match.

@just the tip

The 360 version had problems too jack. Didn't have any problems with KZ3 earlier before I tried the demo.

By the way are you from LOT? I've noticed that you only comment on LOT articles.

just_the_tip3966d ago

And thats why we pay for Xbox live. Superior online baby.

Flexatron3966d ago


It's just marginally better. That money you pay just goes for earlier dlc and stuff like espn.

Solidus187-SCMilk3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

I just DL the ps3 demo and it wont even connect to one game. I dont blame PSN, but crytec.

Crytec isnt going to get any customers with the demo in the state its in now. Maybe their servers are messed up or something because I couldnt get even 1 game or get into 1 lobby unless by myself. Ill try again later.

Pixel_Pusher3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )


"and that's why we pay for live"


it has nothing to do with PSN and everything to do with the beta but nice try though.


694,000 results

NukaCola3965d ago


That is why you pay for Xbox LIVE, cause if you didn't you wouldn't get to play online.

And for all your trolling and BS, COD Black Ops on the Wii has a smoother online mode than Gears of War 2, so just GTFO.

ThatIrishGamer3965d ago

Superior online? LMAO. . .I remember that christmas a couple of years ago where you lot couldn't even play all your new games :D I'd be raging if I paid for trash like that.

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MitchGE3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

It's ironic, because wasn't the Cry Engine 3 confirmed to look and perform better on PS3 in those tech demos? Ah well. I certainly feel less inclined to buy the game after this, and I was planning on getting the 360 version to play with friends.

Maybe they got dissuaded after seeing Killzone 3, which looks better than Crysis 2 on consoles. Or maybe Microsoft paid them to do a lazy PS3 version like with Black Ops. Either one is highly likely.

shoddy3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

SubHD is ok since it's open world!!!
I might rent this.

still got whoop by mgs4.

but let wait for Rage the real console graphic king!!!!.

byeGollum3965d ago

you are the first to post, for someone who doesn't care that is..

TKCMuzzer3965d ago

I know the 360 looks better but what is it with the PS3 captures. I have no game on my PS3 with such poor contrast. I mean blacks are black on my TV, on these screen shots their so bright it's untrue. They should at least match the contrast in the screen shots for a better comparison.
I'm no tech expert but I can say from viewing on my own TV neither version touches Killzone 3.
Crytek talks the talks but fails to walk the walk.

moparful993965d ago

I love how all of this is starting of a the demo version of a game.. Just like the mass effect 2 demo that came out on psn it looked on par if not less in some areas compared to the 360 demo from a year ago, then the full game comes out and looks much much better then the demo.. When will people learn that a demo is NEVER indicative of the final product.. I'll wait for the full retail version before shooting my load.....

Domer253965d ago

Powered by Gamespy = FAIL

BubbleSniper3965d ago

think i gonna not buy console version at all.

will stick with PC ver.

now we just got to wait to see if PC ver. is port of XBOX ver.

that said i love Crysis1, but if we find out Crysis2

is port... or if PC dont knock XBOX ver out the ballpark then i will never purchase another Crytek game. Ever! an it will show Crytek just a bitch of consoles now, especial M$

another note...Battlfield 3 is lookin real strong on all platform an remember Dice PS3 programming presentation?

that alone show more dedication to tailor ps3 ver. of BF3 to the strength of PS3 architecture than all of Crytek boasting from begin to end.

fail in.

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come_stains3966d ago

Holy PS3 batman wtf happen CryTek!!

BK-2013966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

More lies from them. I played the demo and it ran and looked worse than MW2. So much for beating KZ3.

Edit: PC is the way to go for multiplats, especially ones like Crysis.

Sea_Man3966d ago Show
Soul Train3966d ago

I'm sure they worked with Crytek to help make the ps3 demo look like garbage. What are you smokin, dog!

BK-2013966d ago

What fail? The demo was constantly dipping below 30 fps and the whole game was a blurry screen-teary mess while games like MW2 at least ran at 60fps and looked fairly good. How does it make me a PS3 fanboy when I'm saying the PS3 version of Crysis looks like crap. You make no sense.

ZeroX98763966d ago

yeah, but not everyone got a PC. I was going to buy it for my PS3, but if the final product isn't better, I'm getting it for 360. I don't really care on what system I get a third party games, since I have an adapter to plug my dualshock 3 on the 360. Just a preference, not that the 360 controller isn't good. I'm sure the 360 controller plays very well, just personal preference.

starchild3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

BK-201, there is no screen tearing in the PS3 version at all. Are you sure you have actually played it?

It's true that there are a lot of jaggies, pop-in and some slowdown, but there is no screen tearing. The graphics themselves are outstanding, but the image quality leaves a lot to be desired. Image quality refers to things like anti-aliasing, screen tearing, pop-in--in other words it refers to how polished it is. I'm glad it doesn't have screen tearing though.

It definitely seems that reports of the lower resolution were correct. It is blurrier and softer than the 360 version.

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NaiNaiNai3966d ago

didn't you watch the Cryengine 2 demo?

when they showed the game editors in action on the 360, and ps3, the ps3 version lagged like crazy. This isn't due to the system, its because yet again. it was a PC dev using a PC format which the 360 is almost Identical to in code.

So really, its the devs fault.

ct033965d ago

Has anybody played the PS3 demo? I have a hard time believing it really looks this blurry. Lens of Truth have probably messed up somewhere.

teevo3965d ago

Playing it now, it looks great and it's not the final build as stated at the main screen!

Master of Unlocking3965d ago

It looks nowhere near like that, don't worry. more Lies from Lens of Lies.

Afreelunch3965d ago

My experience is actually very close to what this article describes. At first I thought it was some kind of visual effect (I've never played Crysis before today) but once I got moving I realized it was just poor resolution. I was pretty surprised by how bad it was. After all those cool looking shots in the trailers on PSN I was expecting something much better looking. And don't get me started on what a pain it was to play!

ultimate-remag3966d ago

wow crytek troll the entire ps3 fanbase n den shytted on them... lol im gettin this used 4 my ps3 jus because!!!!

Nitrowolf23966d ago

this is a big disappointing for me. I wasn't expecting the PS3 version to be, well, so blurry

Tempjf3966d ago

Me either I was really hoping for a better outcome but what can you do... It's just a game

theonlylolking3964d ago

lens of truth never has the correct contrast settings on the PS3 but the PS3 version still is disappointing

HelghastDrake3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

game is garbage anyway. bad controls, HORRID map design, and just boring. It does have awesome music though. Looks like another 60 bucks ill be saving. next.

Seriously, this game is INSANELY boring. To be quite honest i feel the same about Killzone 3. I think im just sick to death of FPS.

WE NEED MORE 3rd PERSON SHOOTERS!!! They are so much more fun, uncharted, Socom and Gears ftw!

Nitrowolf23966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

Didn't really like Crysis 1 that much but was looking forward to 2. I agree FPS are getting dull. As much as i liked KZ3, i just don't play it that much, usually 1-2 hours a day. I fell that FPS are really dry. I can't even get into Homefront or BulletStorm. They all feel the same now.
This is what happens when games like COD succeed so much, the genre becomes over used and everyone wants to be it.

gypsygib3966d ago

360 wins this one but the MP is boring. I'll rent it for the SP.