Buzz! boss "flattered" by Microsoft's Scene It? copycat controller

The boss of Buzz! developer Relentless Software says he's flattered by the controller accompanying Microsoft's Scene It? Xbox 360 quiz game, which bears a remarkable resemblance to Buzz!'s own big-button peripheral.

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MaximusPrime4034d ago

Sony and Relentless Software should sue Microsoft. We all know that it is a copycat when it was announced.

marinelife94034d ago

I don't think its going to matter because no one is going to care about the game.

360_Rules4034d ago

MS should sue Sony for all the stuff they stole from them.

power of Green 4034d ago

PS3's design is based from XBOX and Xbox 360 they need to work on the online and SKU's thought!, PS3's "xbox like" functionality is coming along though.

nice_cuppa4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

says he's flattered by Buzz!'s big-button peripheral.

lets be real.

i have had remotes years before buzz with 4 colored buttons for quiz games.

SimmoUK4034d ago

it looks exactly the same apart from they have round buttons instead of the longer rectangle ones which will be harder to select in a high speed game, complete copy of idea and controller they should sue for sure...

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The story is too old to be commented.