The Top 10 Party Games Of All Time

Who doesn’t like to party? Yeah, I know I do. Always going to those exclusive VIP rooms, straight up krunkin’ at the club, getting showered with money… okay, this joke is dead, I really do not go to too many parties apart from friendly gatherings.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t know a good party game when I see it. While I guess it does have its very own genre now, a party game could be any game that could get a whole bunch of people together just to play that game, even if there’s another party going on in the real world. But what party games are the best? What are the games that can carry a party with their own fun factor alone?

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Dan502572d ago

Yay Pinkie Pie :D a MLP party game would be FUN :D

Relientk772572d ago

Bomberman World for Playstation is awesome and loads of fun. I'm glad this is on the list