10 PS3 exclusives that are tragically underrated

There are some PlayStation 3 exclusives that have slid under the radar, or been critically panned so badly that is boarders on the tragic.

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potedude4421d ago

Haven't played those JRPG's but usually like that genre, might have to check 'em out.

Folklore was awesome, as was heavenly sword and who doesn't like the sound of 'supersonic acrobatic rocket-powered battle-cars'. That game ssounds like bit of a laugh...

Relientk774421d ago (Edited 4421d ago )

Folklore was amazing and it had some of the best sixaxis controls on the PS3

Blaine4421d ago

Yeah, they were very immersive. Proof that sixaxis can be done well and actually add to a game.

ApplEaglElephant4421d ago

that sometimes exclusives that would have been hyped like crazy on 360 is sometimes under rated on PS3.

caffman4421d ago

Battle cars is the only PSN game I play. It really is fantastic!

WildArmed4421d ago

Same, I havn't played the first 2-3 JRPGs mentioned.

But all-in-all, I've played 6/10 of these.
And I wasn't awfully disappointed with any of them... sometimes I was pleasantly pleased. (esp. Yakuza)

tiffac0084421d ago

Not sure if you can consider Yakuza an RPG, its mostly a brawler but yeah the series is underrated outside of Japan.

Son_Lee4421d ago

I plan on getting Atelier Totori, Ar Tonelico Qoga, and White Knight Chronicles II early next year.

Also, Enslaved was a BRILLIANT game. Ninja Theory needs to be recognized more.

Quagmire4421d ago

For all the shit they're getting for DmC, i think consumers are too stupid to realise gave-development talent when they see it. I loved Heavenly Sword and Enslaved, and will gladly purchase ANY game Ninja Theory makes.

I wish they would make HS2 next, but not sure what the relationship between NT and Sony are like. Would be sad to see Santa Monica take NT's IP.

Son_Lee4420d ago

Agreed. DmC looks incredible. Looks like the best one since the original. Haters gonna hate, I actually LOVE the look of Dante. People either can't accept change, or they can't deal with the fact that Capcom handed it off to developers that aren't afraid to go outside the box. Capcom is getting stale; Ninja Theory isn't.

Godmars2904421d ago

Solid list. Moe JRPGs aside.

Though I do wish they'd revisit Lair. It real main failing was being hawked for sixaxis. That and important in-games adjectives being yelled in-game among a crowd of other noises.

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