Wait...WTF!?! - Part 1: Tekken

Ever wondered how the Tekken plot line works? Here it is explained in all it's (somewhat) over complicated glory.

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TheSleepyGamer2805d ago

I've never been able to keep track of the Tekken storyline; at least this has cleared up who's related to who.

2805d ago
oliverasadi2805d ago

Few things here that are wrong ;)
Jun was never confirmed to be killed by Ogre
and Jinpachi also possessed the Devil Gene ;)

jus sayin

Baka-akaB2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

When jin fled she was left fighting with ogre and never seen back , jin finding a burned house at his return . She was obviously meant to die , but found a loophole , just like with the others
It was just conveniently changed .

Just like Kazuya was the only demon after a deal , this his son by birth , but now suddenly its a gene that ran into the family for a long time :p .

Basically it makes no sense , as expected from most fighting games

Panthers2804d ago

MKs story is the only decent fighting game story (at least early on and hopefully in this reboot). I wish fighting games took more pride in their story and told them better, since the characters are usually very detailed and seem very interesting.

Baka-akaB2804d ago

mmm i dont see it . I find it to be as convoluted and stupid . At least at some point tekken just poke fun at itself with silly endings .

All of them make some sense in their first game

Story wise Blazblue got the only one worth much ... albeit overtly complex for its own good , as if written by a kojima on acid .

Chauvez2804d ago

Hehe your so right, but their are a few more things wrong with it,
idk... its like he hasnt played Tekken in a while, cuz he got some major things wrong just a bit wrong,
jus sayin also...

pat_11_52804d ago

I had no idea that Tekken had such a complicated plot line.

iWishTifaWasReal2804d ago

i dont think Lars is the main character in Tekken 6. if he was how come he's not on the GAME COVER?