Tekken 7 Tournament at EGX 2023 Disrupted by Just Stop Oil Activists

During a tournament at EGX 2023, activists belonging to the controversial organization Just Stop Oil trespassed on the stage to disrupt a Tekken 7 tournament.

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garos82242d ago

losers with nothing better to do in their pathetic pointless lives.

Vengeance1138242d ago

A strong case for legal murder. Activist lives don't matter.

Vader82241d ago

'Just Stop Oil' whilst also disrupting commuting, vandalising other people property and just generally being dicks.

gold_drake241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

they remind me of those idiots who glue themselves on streets haha.

Unknown_Gamer5794241d ago

I never understood the logic of that form of protest. If anything, it increases fossil fuel consumption by forcing a lot of vehicles to idle until the road is no longer blocked. I’m all for protesting a cause one believes in, but I would think people would want their form of protest to at least make sense.

gold_drake241d ago

yeh, its quite dangerous too, cause u never know if anyone needs medical attention or not.

TheEnigma313241d ago

When these people get beaten up sometimes, it's always a real treat


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Tekken's Heihachi Is So Dead It Surprised Director Katsuhiro Harada

Heihachi has been dead a few times, but after Tekken 7, he’s super-duper dead.

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Terry_B442d ago

He will be dlc sooner or later anyway.

Eonjay440d ago

Only through the powa of your credit card can life be breathed into a corpse this super dead. 😝

masterfox440d ago

so super duper dead huh?, so then he will be back in Super Duper Demonic Form then :D

SimpleSlave440d ago

It's only a matter of time before Kazuya's hairline resembles that of his dad. Making his character look so similar that there won't be a need for Heihachi to ever come back.

Just another vicious cycle of violence and receding hairlines.

Tekken 8: Dare to be Bald Tournament*

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anast440d ago

You will be able to buy him later.

P_Bomb440d ago

Volcano for the win, lol. Albert Wesker’s final resting place too iirc.