How Tekken 7's Weird Guest Fighters Defined the Game - and What it Means For Tekken 8

Tekken 7’s guest characters were a defining part of the game, and quickly became fan-favorite fighters despite not coming from the Tekken universe.

Terry_B82d ago

They sucked, and I barely played as any of the guests. Hope there are no guests and instead more of the older Tekken characters with new designs and new moves in the game. And bring back Mokujin.

Flewid63882d ago

Literally all of them are great, wtf? lmao.

FallenAngel198482d ago

Noctis was the main reason I tried out the game in the first place

Has a fun play style

gangsta_red80d ago

"And bring back Mokujin"

How can you say the guest characters sucked and then end your comment with this??

Terry_B79d ago

Because Mokujin was a fun challenge. To have a completely changed moveset every round made it had for both oneself and the opponent as well.

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