PlayStation Plus Games for February: Horizon Forbidden West, The Quarry, RE7 biohazard and more

Also added this month: Outriders, Scarlet Nexus, Borderlands 3, Tekken 7.

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RpgSama492d ago

Kick-ass month, really great selection of games all around.

Eonjay492d ago

This is getting crazy 🤣.

solideagle492d ago

wait isn't RE7 bio part of PS5 collection?

Eonjay492d ago

The collection is being retired. Considering the explosion of PS5 sales, it's encouraging they added this.

Neonridr491d ago

@Eonjay - but not until like May or something

Obscure_Observer492d ago

First party games coming to PS Plus after an year is great!

crazyCoconuts492d ago

Especially given this is only $40/year over the $60/year "essential" plan, which is already really great. That's $3.33 PER MONTH to get access to all these extra games... Very cheap...A LOT cheaper than the competition

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LG_Fox_Brazil492d ago


Eidolon492d ago (Edited 492d ago )

Remake incoming? :eyes:

shinoff2183492d ago

We can hope right. It would be fing epic

Hofstaderman492d ago

I know. This game alone is worth the price of admission. For those that haven’t played Forbidden West, enjoy.

Eidolon492d ago

Legend of Dragoon? I think it's worth the $10 for the month, depending on who you're asking. There's something for most people in this list, H:FW is definitely a surprise and worth the admission, given how recent, big budget, and well reviewed it is. Now I can justify getting the DLC.

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Hypertension140491d ago

I purchased it years ago on PS3, will I have buy it again?

Majin-vegeta491d ago

I don't think so.I bought all 3 syphon filter games on PS3 and didnt have to buy them on PS4/5

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Goosejuice492d ago

Wow, pretty good month. I was deciding between scarlet nexus and tales of arise on steam a couple of weeks ago and bought tales. Glad I chose that. Love legend of dragoon.

EvertonFC492d ago

Outriders finally get to check it out ☺️

Goosejuice492d ago

Outriders is decent. Not great but also not a bad game. Some decent fun with friends

crazyCoconuts492d ago

I played it solo. It wasn't terrible. Like a 7/10 imo

Kurt Russell491d ago

I enjoyed it as a co-op experience. Once you level up you get use of some genuinely fun abilities.
Once you finish it, a month or so later you won't remember it though sadly.

blue88492d ago

Horizon forbidden west is a year old.

roadkillers492d ago

Odd, I would classify my “didnt horizon just come out” as excitement for a new game being added to PS+. Most people seem to see it as a year being a long time. IMO, this game just came out a year ago. Pretty fresh game to hit PS+

crazyCoconuts492d ago

Yeah I'm surprised this is our already. Not like it's selling for $20 at this point, it's almost full price still