Tekken 2 Review: Gritty Edges, But a Classic Brawling Experience!

Embark on an encompassing journey through the world of Tekken 2, where nostalgia meets gritty fighting action.

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Puty110d ago

Shame it is trophyless on ps classics T_T


Chaka Khan is in a song about Tekken 2, for some reason

What character do you reckon she plays as in Tekken 2? I think it's... every woman.

Elda133d ago

Love me some Chaka Khan.


Top 7 PlayStation Plus Premium Fighting Games

Punch, kick, and shoryuken your way through these PlayStation Plus Premium fighting games, such as Fighting EX Layer and Street Fighter II.

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Tekken 2 Accidentally Priced At $9,999 On PlayStation Store

PS Plus is finally live in the US, and with it comes a slew of unannounced games from PlayStation's back catalog. Titles that don't appear to have been made available through the tiered system in other parts of the world where the service has already launched. A number of classic titles from PlayStation's much older consoles can also be bought separately. A selection that briefly included Tekken 2 for $9999.

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SullysCigar620d ago

Is that for the Diablo armour outfit?

Majin-vegeta620d ago

Already sold my kidney so I can afford it😎

Orchard620d ago

So it'll be at least $15k when they remaster it in a year!

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