AusGamers: Apache: Air Assault Review

AusGamers: We take this newish console flight simulator to the skies and see how it flies.

"All of your in-flight time is complemented by some genuinely impressive long-range graphics and a realistic physics engine. Things don’t look as pretty up close, but considering the fast pace the combat played out for us, this wasn’t an overly noticeable detraction. There were also some odd hit-detection fails where we were able to fly our helicopter through tree tops, but everything else about the physics engine was top notch; particularly the damage modelling that can quickly affect the handling of your chopper. For instance, taking damage to your main rotor doesn’t make you explode straight away; instead, you may notice some irregular wonkiness in how it’s spinning and will gradually lose altitude over time. Bottom line, damage in this game is taken seriously. "

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Skynetone3975d ago

its obvious that a great deal of effort went into making this game, but im pretty sure i could get my car to handle better at that altitude

bumnut3975d ago

Handling is pretty strange, especially when you increase the difficulty.