It's Official - Kinect can help you lose weight

Msxbox-world proves that Kinect can help you shed the pounds if used regularly and with a sensible diet.

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haymoza4286d ago

That's nice to know. Losing weight by playing videogames isn't something new Kinect magically introduced however. I've been in the best shape of my life because of DDR. Lost over 40 lbs and kept 'em off for over 3 years now.

DeadlyFire4285d ago

Lose weight by moving muscles and burning calories? Wow? Did you know you can do that all on your own without Kinect, Wii, or PS3. Its called exercise.

nycredude4285d ago

Just turn the damn thing off, fuck your wife or girlfriend, or both and you will lose weight and have more fun.

haymoza4285d ago

I agree. I now also swim play basketball, run throughout the week. DDR was a coincidence. I love dancing. It's amazing what can happen when you combine exercise with something you enjoy doing.

Don't hate me for finding something that works for me in life. I'll leave this at that. Judging people lifestyles or entertaining trolls like you is not why I frequent N4G.

NJShadow4286d ago

Dance Dance Revolution is FAR better if you're looking to burn fat and calories. These Kinect and Move titles barely scratch the surface!

Blad3star4285d ago (Edited 4285d ago )

Have you played Your Shape Fitness?

"We purchased the Cardio Kickboxing Platinum series. It’s additional downloadable content for Your Shape: Fitness Evolved. These classes are structured much like the other Kickboxing routines, but you explore a series of new moves. There are three four-minute classes that take you through all the new punch and kick combos. Then, you have an entire class that is 14 minutes long that runs you through all the other classes in succession.

The new Kickboxing moves take some concentration, but I got the hang of them quickly enough. The Cardio Kickboxing Fitness Classes are my favorite workouts in the game and I’m using them to warm up before my personal training session. However, they are a great workout all by themselves, if you’re short on time."

NJShadow4285d ago

Sorry, but that doesn't change my feeling on the subject at all. Literally nothing will have you sweating as much as a DDR game... nothing. Your Shape may be good for general fitness i.e. strength training, yoga, etc., but it can't touch DDR in the calorie burning department.

hellzsupernova4282d ago

i got to the gym daily i think that might make me sweet more then DDR although the gym is not a game... :P

ultimate-remag4286d ago (Edited 4286d ago )

thats cool... we need more fitness games 4 da lazy gamers...


Or they could jump in front of the TV turned off and still loose weight...

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xtremegamerage4286d ago


You want to get in the best shape of your life.

Do insanity workout.

You'll hurt everyday.

NJShadow4285d ago

Just started that today, pretty darn good stuff!

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The story is too old to be commented.