Out This Week: 3/6-3/12

TGH Writes: "It is the time of the year when Major League Baseball begins and the time where games are usually no where to be seen. However this year is jam packed with titles and March is no different. Check out the upcoming titles this week coming to a store near you."

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lpfisher4853d ago

Not a bad week for the spring! Pretty excited to pick up Pokemon White and The Show


The case for Pokemon Black and White remakes in 2024

A number of leaks have popped up that reference Pokemon Black and White remakes in some way. Are they all coincidences or real in 2024?

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jambola17d ago

I can't wait for it to look Even worse than the original and force exp share


Pokemon Black and White Remakes Face a Challenge Unseen in Other Remakes

Pokemon Black and White are next in line for a remake, but they may encounter an issue when accounting for one unique aspect of Gen 5.

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Inverno349d ago

The only issue they'll be encountering is the laziness and incompetence of whatever dev is remaking. Be it GF themselves or the dev behind DP remakes.


Pokémon Black and White Doesn't Need a Remake - It Needs a Port

There isn't enough to improve in Pokémon Black and White to justify remaking it. Instead, Game Freak should make a port of these beloved games.

Antnee534562d ago

They did this with diamond and pearl and those are the worst pokémon games to date because it's worse than the ds counterparts

-Foxtrot562d ago

I'd rather they combine this and the sequel as one game, do it so the post game content is Black and White 2.

While I think B&W 2 were good we should have still gotten Pokemon Grey, some people liked holding on for a more complete beefy package compared to the originals.

562d ago