10 Things To Make Warhawk Better

PS3-Online point out ten different ways that would have made warhawk that triple A online title we were all waiting for.

1. An eject Button.
OK, you're in your plane and you've just been hit by 5 missiles and you're on your last legs, your chaff is empty and an enemy SAM has you in it's sights! Death is inevitable. How handy would an eject button be. So you could sail back to earth in a parachute instead of respawning back at base.

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GoLeafsGo4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

..who is this man, and why are his views more important than yours or mine?

Btw, I agree with a few things..specifically more ranked games and squads.
And if anyone can contact him, tell him there's an online manual on either the US PS site, or Warhawk site.

Violater4039d ago

Timed bannings for people with a certain amount of teakmills.
Seriously this teamkill sh!t is ruining the game, the little punks that think its fun need to be dealt with.

SubZero4039d ago

I second that who is this guy and why do opinions like this get approved as news. That being said the one thing I would have loved to see and no one mentioned is a gunner seat in the war hawks for passengers. I hate catchin a ride with someone and not being able to do anything.And as far as maps go just wait there will be downloadable content.

Lord Anubis4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )


if you kill three team mates in quick succession you are banned from the server you were playing in.

I was banned from a servers trying to defent the flag, I was able to get the flag carrier unfortunately I got two of my team mates as well and I ran over another few and got kicked out and banned from that server. :(

jonnyrotten4039d ago

One thing i'd like is to be able to lob grenades behind you when being chased. But this game is so good.

neogeo4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

I like how this post is big, at yet did not turn into a flame war.
Just a bunch of PS3 fans talking about a game we love and coming up with good ideas to make it better. Maybe a bot or two drops a feeble attempt, but we just ignore that and keep chatting. THIS is the way it should be on N4G! lets continue this trend:)

chelcho4039d ago

More maps
More modes
It'd be nice to see where are weapons on map close to you - good for noobs and me :)
Parties like in RFOM
Kamikaze option :)

steriotyp4039d ago

its a shortlist of some things this guy would have like to have seen. An eject button would be gravy, but doesn't make much sense as some of the missions are all flight based, with no ability to land. As for the rest of them, I have yet to come across too many problems in the game, it would have been nice if a short control tutorial was included, but 3 minutes of dinking around will teach you most of what you need to know to get started. not a bad read, but feels like he is digging for things to make a 10list

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the worst4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

1. An eject Button - this is a no no dont add
2. More Vehicles - this is a yes
3. More Ranked games - this is a yes
4. A better assault rifle - maybe just add a shotgun
5. A manual - go download it
6. More mission modes - this is a yes like manhunt mode
7. Easier to use interface.
8. Different squads and a mute button - this is a must
9. Cross referencing the sort list - maybe
10. A second beta this a no no not needed

nasim4039d ago

whether you add anything extra /not Warhawk remains to be the best MP game of all time

Omegasyde4039d ago

1) Eject Button? No a good idea since the game would be horribly miss balanced and noobs would get no points. Turrets are powerful because the combat has a rock paper scissors system. Tank>Turret>Warhawk>T ank

2) More vehicles will come. Supposingly Dylan Jobe didn't scrap everything from the Single Player Part and kept the Carriers ,etc. Perhaps he will Add it in future downloadable content. Drops ships and troop carriers would be a good idea. Having them armored and slow would be balanced.

3) More Ranked Games? WHY!?!?! There is enough its just that you can't get in some due to the "full server" glitch.

4)A better assault rifle? As much as I would love the assualt rifle the masterchief uses, it would miss balance the weapon system. I wouldn't mind a assault rifle with a smaller clip but wit 2x zoom.
5)A manual? Try looking up the manuals on your ps3. This guy is definitely a PS3 Noob. If he couldn't find that, perhaps he should of bought the disc.

6) More mission modes...would be nice, but really A Convoy or Attack and Defend would be hard since alot of weapons are 1 hit=destruction.
Defend "the Mother ship" vs Warhawks attacking would be cool.

7)Easier to use interface. Bingo.

8)Squad Interface...I think they would need to add more audio channels first. Let alone only about 50% of the warhawks player use thier mics.

9) and 10) are stupid. A second Beta? More filtering options? Wow he must of ran out of things to cry about.

xplosneer4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

EXCEPT 1 and 10.

And eject button would have ruined it, since noone would ever die from the Warhawks, and WHO THE HECK THINKS THIS IS EXACTLY LIKE THE BETA.

uxo224039d ago

If a warhawk runs into the ground or a building, it should blow up just like a real plane. Some people fly them with reckless abandon and should not be rewarded for it.

Omegasyde4039d ago

but "noobs" would be turned off to flying in warhawks.

sonarus4039d ago

anything to make warhawk more intense. I think the available weapons are good enough. I want more maps its lame playing when everyone already knows the maps inside out. shipping a multiplayer only game with only 5 maps is already lame. I want more vehicles and if possible some means of water transportation

Proxy4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

Just the other day someone was speaking spanish into the mic non-stop, and nobody was responding or understanding. So I muted him.

Turns out, the game already has a mute feature.

xplosneer4039d ago

I have the game....where's the mute button?

mattkelly19914039d ago

Fallow these simple instructions bro:
1.In game press Start
2.Go to Sound
3. Go to Mute Players

therealwillie4039d ago

thats what a manual would be handy for, downloadable or not, it should be in the game

Proxy4039d ago

One problem is it a bit hard to tell who is being the idiot singing into his mic. But if you go into the sounds, the person will turn yellow when he is talking, and that way, even if your not close, you call tell who the loud guy is and mute him.

rsebes4039d ago

Just for the record, there is a manual available to download from the warhawk site. So I don't know who this person is but they need to get their head in the game if they are going to do something like this.

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