PS3 version of Multiplayer Mode of Crysis 2

Here you can see the Multiplayer Mode of Crysis 2 being played on the PS3 version, it seems that nobody has saw the bottons prompt of the PS3 controller. Well at least with these video it can be confirmed that the PS3 version of Crysis 2 is identical to the XBOX 360. Enjoy!

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Spinal2787d ago

6v6 Multiplayer is all i needed to confirm that i ain't buying this game.

I thought the demo had its good and bad points.

but 6v6 multiplayer? loool this aint 1990.

maxqubit2787d ago

Yeah 6vs6 seems like a strange way to go. It has a feel of 'arena fighting'.

Otoh I can't imagine 12 vs 12 nanosuit guys fighting over 1 pod. That would simply be too much chaos

Still I like the demo (on 360)

jetlian2787d ago

you not playing uncharted

Thrillhouse2787d ago

More ≠ better.

It seems as if Crysis 2's gameplay is suited to smaller squad battles, not large scale stuff.

Tachyon_Nova2787d ago

Yeah as it is 6v6 can get bloody hectic, I dont think there is room for more than 8 vs 8 at most.

I thought of Crysis Wars that the most fun I had was with about 6 or so people per team in TIA or about 8 people people in IA on maps like treehouse, The on with the plane crashed in the bay, in other words as those whove played those maps will know, the smaller maps were better for those modes

zeal0us2787d ago

Hopefully crytek won't pull a treyarch and give the game crappy support for the ps3.

citan2787d ago

So... Where's this framedropping and terrible shadows the other IGNorant MS dog was yelling about?

Tachyon_Nova2787d ago

I love how that writer tried to claim that the videos don't show frame drop "due to the realities of hd video capture". I didn't realize that hd video capture was able to compensate for dropped frames these days in a way which removes the appearance of frame skipping.

That's why I love IGN, they teach you something every day. It's just a pity that 364 days a year that something is bullshit.

Bucky Sligo2787d ago


The fps of web videos are much lower than the fps of a game which hides frame drops.

Tachyon_Nova2786d ago

They are recorded and played back at 25fps. What are the chances that every frame the game drops happens to be missed by the recording?

DelbertGrady2787d ago

So, this low quality youtube clip confirms that the PS3 version of Crysis 2 is identical to the 360 version eventhough the guys over at IGN who have played both say that's not the case? Oh look, the video is from IGN. lol!

DEADEND2787d ago

From what I have seen with my own two eyes they look and play the same.

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