Gameloft Brings Diablo Clone, Dungeon Hunter: Alliance, to Playstation Network in April

"Have you ever been in a seedy convenience store buying cold medicine, a set of shot glasses and a plastic tennis racket at 3 in the morning? Sure you have; you’re a gamer. In that store, set up over in some strange corner, there will be a weird Korean Nintendo Wii knock off called the Pretendo Wishstation, where it comes installed with 85 16-bit titles which makes you cringe when you see it?"- Shanghai Six

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maxcavsm2787d ago

Give me a break with Gameloft. But damn, the game looks like it could be fun.

Omegabalmung2787d ago

If its $5.99 and is decent I will buy it lol.

AmigoSniped2787d ago

As interesting as it looks gameloft scares me