inFAMOUS 2: User-Created Missions Give Infinite Possibilities, Limited Beta in April

PSBlog: "Here at Sucker Punch, we’ve spent the last couple of years hard at work on inFAMOUS 2. Over the last nine months or so, we’ve talked about a lot of things that make I2 awesome—things like crazy new powers for Cole, super-powered sidekicks, radically improved graphics and special effects, a cool new karma system with branching story lines and multiple endings—but we’ve managed to keep one major feature completely secret."

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2fk2788d ago

i must participate in this beta for this breath taking game

ABizzel12788d ago

This news did nothing for me, it was already a Day 1 :)

This just makes me want to get in the beta.

GodHandDee2787d ago

This news made it day -1 for me

gonna have to raid a gamestop to get this early

ChineseDemocracy2788d ago

Holy shit. That just got me really pumped, can't wait 'til June!

joydestroy2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

what!? alright sign me up for the second one. that's awesome!

edit: woah i didn't realize how sick this game was shaping up to be. pre-ordered. done.

jwatt2788d ago

Honestly even before this news I didn't think there was going to be a game touching Infamous 2 but this user created missions could be big!

Spitfire_Riggz2788d ago

Lol looks like somebody hung out with media molecule

2787d ago
Fat Bastard2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Wow, that was impressive. So impressive I just pitched a tent. Play Create Share is expanding to action sandbox games now, I honestly did not see that one coming

Jinxstar2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

I have been sold on this game since the day it was announced. I have the collectors pre ordered and everything. I loved the first game and it was my first platinum trophy. This game is easily in my top 3 for the year if not #1.

This news however doesn't really do it for me. I just feel like it wont be all it's hyped to be. It's not as diverse as LBP and I was one to knock Halo for it's forge and I wont be called a hypocrite by saying "ZOMG dis is so much moar teh betterz" because it kinda looks like that to me... Still uber pumped for the game and everything but I just don't see this being anywhere near as diverse as LBP or anything. It will be more like mod nation. it has been proven you can do Plants vs zombies, Wolfenstien and back to the future with LBP2. let alone make calculators and chess sets. This can't be that diverse and until I get into the beta I will hold my hype for this feature. The rest of the game however is so freaking sick looking. Can't wait!

What do you guys think am I crazy or do I make sense? i guess i just feel like when features like this get announced they are kind of throw away. i mean think about some of the missions from the first game and the scripting and dialogue involved. The bus ride or the blimp things you had to take down or even the giant trash monster on the bridge. Amazing missions. If you could make that then I am sold but I just feel like it will be a "Create your own horde mode" and that just doesn't seem all that great to me... I truly hope they prove me wrong but nothing in the trailer showed me otherwise... please let me know what you think.

nycredude2787d ago

YOu crazy man. Just several hours ago you knew nothing of this and you were pumped for the game. Now you find out you are getting more than you thought you were getting just hours ago. You should be kind of excited.

THink of it as finding money on the floor.

Jinxstar2787d ago

I guess I just get scared they are going to waste a lot of dev time on this when they could be putting it into better story missions... Kind of like how a lot of people are pissed Battlefield 3 is getting a story mode. They want every developer working on MP... I dunno. A lot of times with say Dead Space 2's MP... I kinda just wish they let those guys work on the SP side and make it even more bad ass... Because the MP is throw away. I played for about 3 min and will never play it again...

2fk2787d ago

this mission thing is nice and all...but i just wana play the single player

Zydake2787d ago

it's like LBP and Uncharted 2 were at a bar and had drunken sex to conceive this beauty infamous 2

Focker4202787d ago

My jaw is literally on the floor!! Never did I expect this!!

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LethalChickens2788d ago

Awesome, might want to change title to inFamous 2: Trailer or something so more people know. Awesome trailer. Very Excited!

DundahMifflin2788d ago

This is just freaking cool.

Faztkiller2788d ago

I really like the look of the obstacle level can't wait to see what people create

scruffy_bear2788d ago

Nice very nice :) love how Sony's pushing "Play, Create, Share"

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