IGN: Infamous 2 - Building a Better Sequel

Infamous 2 intends to improve on the formula – and given the handful of rough edges in the original, there's plenty for developer, Sucker Punch, to build upon. So what's new? And will you dig it? (Hint: probably.)

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BakedGoods2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

Another day one.

Feels good to game on the PS3.

nickjkl2797d ago

WHat happened to the ICE

it made it apear like he got ic ebut we have heard nothing about it and it seems like eveeryone forgot about it

Balt 2798d ago

Still no indoor settings, huh? Better is subjective when it's basically Infamous 1.5, don't you think?

labaronx2798d ago

why would it need an indoor setting????

its a superhero sandbox....

zireno2798d ago


hahaha, sucks to have only a bubble uh:)?


exactly!! :)

mrv3212798d ago

Loads of open world games don't have a complete interior, simply because they don't have 200 million to spend on art design, geo and other things.

Atleast they try and make sense of it all in the fiction, Cole being able to absorb electricity would burn down the house, what's Niko's excuse, he's a drugs dealing crack smoking ex militant gangster, AND yet he can't kick down a door unless is related to someones mission.

What WOULD you HAVE liked to see in an iNfAMOUS 2? I don't know what else they should have done.

TheRedMisfit2793d ago

I don't understand bro. Why would they need to expend that much money on art design and other resources to include interior environments. I really don't get that. I mean anything it will take time and talent; not money and capital. Right?

Toman852798d ago

Like rest of the Halo games and COD games, just minor upgrades. Good im done with Halo and COD for good. Only KZ3, Crysis and Crysis 2 on my mind right now

Infamous 2 gonna bring me open world parkour with electric shock from his hands, mindblowing

ComboBreaker2798d ago

Going from the the graphics of inFamous 1 to Uncharted 2 level of graphics is not subjective at all.

Other open sandbox games can't even begin to do half of what inFamous 2 is doing.

Anyone, everyone, can clearly see that. And that, is not subjective.

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Apotheosize2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

Im excited for it but hopefully they deliver, visuals look great, melee looks fun, but that was just a small part. I hope it doesnt feel an expansion pack. Also more variety in missions maybe, and my god when will they show the ice powers?

eterry2798d ago

im seriously excited, when i first got the first one i played it for almost 8 hours straight lol

Ninver2798d ago

Yeah IGN, praise it then sh*t on it come release. Not fooling PS3 gamers anymore.

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