Edge: Two Worlds II Review

In return for shedding its olde worlde affectations, it has developed an irritating propensity for Americanisms. Would a necromancer really call a fellow wizard an ‘asshat’? There is a sense of Reality Pump edging towards a complete, comprehensible experience. And one can only hope they one day take the next step. If only to hear what madness tumbles from Antaloorian mouths next.

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bwazy2823d ago

Lol, this games reviews are reallllly all over the place. I see a 8.5 here, a 7.5 there a 6 and a 5. I'd love to see the average of all reviewers on this one.

Stealth20k2823d ago

lol there are no 8.5's really.................

the game is mediocre bottom line. Just like pretty much every wrpg not made by bethesda/bioware

phantomexe2823d ago

there was a 8.5 and yea the game is preety damn good.

bwazy2823d ago

Theres one. It may not be an "offical" review (what the heck makes it offical anyways?), buts its an 8.5 non the less. I tend to truest users reviews moreso than the medias anyways.

pr0digyZA2823d ago

Black-listed :P still buying game though.

Tex1172823d ago

Ive bought and beat this game already for the ps3 here are my thoughts.

Wait till it hits about 30 bucks and you will enjoy the game for its "B-Movie" type charm.

I needed something to tide me over till Dragon Age 2, and it did the trick, but by the end, I was ready to put down the controler.

At 60 bucks you will say "WTF!? This is...ugh...damn...waste of money."

At 30 bucks you will say "Wow, for 30 bucks this is kinda fun! Glad I picked it up."

PrimordialSoupBase2823d ago

Be a wizard or don't bother with this.