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Karooo4373d ago

crysis 2 is leaked people :(

RedDead4373d ago

I would download this and buy it when it's out(Call me a pirate, I don't care.), but my shi**y graphics card is in right now. This one can hardly play Crysis 1...

plb4373d ago

Crysis 2 has less hw requirements than original.

HarryMonogenis4373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

"I would download this and buy it when it's out."

Haha, I've heard that one so many times.

joydestroy4373d ago

can't wait for this to leak to torrents i regularly visit. would like to just check it out on my PC

kancerkid4373d ago


Why do you call yourself a pirate/theif, because that is what you are?

kancerkid4373d ago

And this looks freakin amazing

kharma454373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

A pity it's been leaked, but it does look awesome for DX9 and medium settings from an old build

Oh, and this :P

Sarcasm4373d ago

These screens are only in DX9 32Bit.


ShinMaster4373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

pretty generic.

Motion4373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

Lol @ Sarcasm

I'll agree with the DX9, but I don't see why you're pointing out 32bit color. That's as far as win7 even supports at this point :p

Edit: This just brought up a question for me. 32bit color is as good as it gets currently, but do any console games actually drop it down to 16bit to squeeze out an extra couple fps?

HAHA, yeah, wow- didnt' quite put that together. Thanks for pointing that out, however, when talking about the DirectX verion one could assume he was referring to color depth when referring to the bit. I didn't (and still possibly don't) think there are graphic differences between 32 and 64 bit processors, it can just be optimized better to run faster under 64bit. Not being sarcastic, are there examples of games that won't let you turn on graphic features with a 32bit CPU? (Running a 64bit myself for years, so never realized this could hold people back)

atticus144373d ago

i wonder how many people that like to call out the game pirates have crap tons of "stolen" mp3's on their computer...or copyrighted pictures, plagiarism for school, not reported their internet purchases to their government so they can pay taxes...

Ravenor4373d ago


Omfg, it's running the 32bit executable of the game not the 64 bit version. Nothing to do with colour.

DaTruth4373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

I was wondering why it didn't look very impressive! Running on lower grade hardware! I'm sure the full version will destroy this, resurrect it, just to destroy it again... then beat it like a dead horse!

Doesn't 360 support DX9?

Serves Crytek right for not releasing video of the PC version on high settings for so long! Now they have this low grade crap floating around making them look bad!

I just don't like the way they sold out PC gamers for MS dollars!

Millah4373d ago

^^^Are you retarded or just an idiot?

starchild4372d ago

"Visual design is stillpretty generic."

No it isn't. It is going for a realistic look.

You PS3 fanboys have a really strange taste in games. It's like you want everything to look like a cartoon. The two best looking games on the PS3 have a stylized cartoony look. I'm not saying it is bad to have that style, but I don't want every game to look like that. I like Crysis 2's more realistic approach to graphics.

ABizzel14372d ago

Can we all finally agree that Crysis 2 is one of the best looking games.

ShinMaster4372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )

I'm not saying we all want games that look like cartoons. But at least be MORE CREATIVE and don't make the visuals BORING!

Also, if you were referring to KZ3 back there, it's not cartoony:

Crysis 2 is a sci-fi game, they could have made it less plain and generic. You know, a slightly more artistic design, rather than just focusing on the high specs.

DigitalAnalog4372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )

I'm impressed, not because the game looks amazing on PC. It's the fact that this game is most definitely run on decent PC hardware settings. I fear of what would happen if a full rig were to run this game, Crysis 1 wouldn't even BEGIN to compare.

-End of Line

candystop4372d ago

Shingino....It is cartoony but so are many other games including Rage. Crysis 2 makes me think about the next Half Life.

Theonetheonly4372d ago

I am so dissapointed.

I feel absolutely Enraged.

The massive respect I have for this company makes me wish i could pay them back.

Good luck crytek

I will be buying this Upon release, whenever that may be.

Regardless you will have the money you earned.


Kalipekona4372d ago

Here is another gameplay video. Keep in mind that this is using fairly middle of the road settings on PC. That said, it is utterly amazing how good it looks. No other game comes close.

Army_of_Darkness4372d ago

But I have to admit from the videos I've seen so far of crysis 2, it looks pretty sick! I know I'm gonna pick it up a few months down the road.

Dee_914372d ago

lol thats how most pc gamers really feel

Ju4372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )

^^ yeah, right. Underlining the superiority complex. LOL. Good job.

I am a controller guy (and Move lately). If I could link that to my PSN account I would possibly get it on the PC. But not for the SP campaign only. I hate playing against you M/KB freaks. Better stick with my controller.

DeadlyFire4372d ago

32 bit vs. 64 bit = no difference in graphics. Why? Your talking about CPUs and not GPUs. Graphical baseline is reliant on GPU API and Hardware. Console vs. PC right now its Open GL 2/3 for Nintendo and Sony and DirectX 9.0 for X360. PC has DirectX 9, 10, 11, Open GL, and others.

Does X360 support 32-bit DirectX 9.0. Yes it does. PC does as well. Honestly these shots in DirectX 9.0 can't really be measured up with no real way of comparing these shots. DirectX 10/DirectX 11 version will have sharper graphically image than both console versions I expect.

DreamTension4372d ago

@DeadlyFire: It does make a difference because 32bit Windows will only utilize between 3 and 3.5GB of RAM between the motherboard an the video card.

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Thecraft19894373d ago

No its early beta version.

AKA4373d ago ShowReplies(14)
Solid_Snake-4373d ago

just downloading. will review when finished

Biggest4373d ago

You should get that checked out. Might need a Z-pac.

superadvanced4373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

wow its leaked on the day my gtx 580 gets here how perfect.

hory shet its downloading at 4 KB per second and its 9 gigs. fml seed people seed

Theonetheonly4372d ago

dont do that you douche

have some respect.

you give pc a bad name

xAlmostPro4372d ago

He gives PC a bad name?.. thats were piracy usually generates from -_-

superadvanced4371d ago


im still gunna buy the game dumbass is it wrong to want to try it out early like 360 gamers got to? stfu

g0green4372d ago

dear video game writers, the words you use to describe the way good graphics look are way over par.
Never has a videogame screen "Blown my mind" or could be described as "out of this world" i think the simplicity with words like 'great' would work very well to describe any game

candystop4372d ago

Agreed Go green but I must admit the one game that blew me away was Half Life 2 when it was demonstrated years back at E3 for the 1st time.

cannon88004372d ago

The graphics shown in those pictures were not at maximum settings considering that it was running on dx9. I believe this game has dx11 too so there should be a massive leap in polygon count because of tessellation and other things.

Crazyglues4372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )

OMG!! and the intro is Awesome... Bubble a Player up for finding the link for you..

Wow, I can't wait for this game.. -:) This Game is going to be Awesome


ChrisW4372d ago

It'd blow my mind if I had a mind to blow!

...Hey wait... Whu?

gamer20104372d ago

That is incredible. I'm sorry, I love Killzone 3 beta, but this blows it away in the scale, the quality of the effects, the lighting, the detail in the modelling of the objects, etc.

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cyborg4373d ago

and not the final build of the game. And by the looks of it, they're making pretty good progress.

blahblah4372d ago

not that it doesn't looks good, don't misunderstand. "It will blow your mind" in title made me have the same reaction as SonyNGP. it didn't blow mine, if anything looks really generic with really low grade art design

movie at 11, big news

Pandamobile4373d ago

Beta build, plus it's only DX9. There's DX10 and 11 in the final builds, all with even more graphical goodies than the last.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO4373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

Yes, I was going to say that, it is DX9 Version and Beta build.

DX10 and DX11 version will do justice to the phrase ''blow your mind''

nycrekid4373d ago

Yeah not "blow my mind' impressive but like everyone said it's only direct x 9. However I hope the code is more optimized this time around because DX 11 so far is a resource hog. You need a pretty powerful rig to run it efficiently.

Sarcasm4373d ago

"However I hope the code is more optimized this time around because DX 11 so far is a resource hog"

No it's not. It has been used in certain games and shown that it IMPROVES performance. I think Stalker COP was an example of this. The only time it is more taxing on the hardware seems to be when you run Tessellation.

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ProjectVulcan4373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

Note the shots that say DX9 medspec, highspec? Medium settings, High settings?

Very high, DX11 would be maximum.

Also note the polygon count. The highest seen there is just shy of a million, around about the same number Uncharted 2 can push. Even the original Crysis in 2007 on maximum settings peaked at over 3 million. It wouldn't be a stretch to imagine this will be able to push even more. Thus these shots aren't going to be representative of the game in its full glory.

Still looks pretty decent even in DX9 medium IMO, much like the other crysis games...

Pandamobile4373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

There's some shots floating around of the DX9 high-spec.

Looks pretty damn good for DX9.

N4PS3G4373d ago

Thanks for the screens Panda. Looks awesome.

Joule4373d ago

Panda, Killzone 3 looks better.


BrunoM4373d ago

hey sup guys the game looks kool . never really wer much of a pc gamer what would u say is the best lap top to buy for ur money to play these ?

and of anything desktop thanks ..

LightofDarkness4373d ago

Do NOT buy a laptop for gaming, their battery life is horrid (thus making it stationary anyway) and the hardware just isn't powerful enough. A meduim range desktop will blow a very high-end laptop to pieces.

I suggest getting the cheaper sandybridge processor (intel), a Geforce GTX 560 Ti (SLI?)OR GTX 570, 4-6GB of DDR3 RAM and have a decent HDTV or a 1080p desktop display (23"-24"). All of that can be gotten for between 650 and 1000 if you shop around and make for the best price/performance ratio for your budget.

4373d ago
ProjectVulcan4373d ago

Crysis games usually look even better in motion. Being honest, killzone 2 does not. Some games look better in static shots, some games look even better in motion. Crysis is one of the latter, the post processing object based blur etc makes the game look terrific when you get down and play it, things you cant see in static shots.

Its quite one thing seeing static shots and another having the game sat in front of you running a gorgeously high resolution, immaculate anti aliasing, super smooth framerate with perfect motion blur. This game will be spectacular even with less than maximal settings, i guarantee it

DaTruth4373d ago

Your shots look much better than the ones from the article!

Crysis was always that game that made me want to get a high end PC! First time I saw the tech demo video on my crappy PC that could hardly play it, I was astounded!

But then I just end up buying a TV!

y0haN4373d ago

Now if only we could get some non-JPEG raped images it'd be great.

Ju4372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )

I don't get it. How do these shots not look generic. You can pump the res all you want, at the end of the day, it still looks flat.

Crytek totally lacks creativity in their environmental design. Current world with SiFi weapons?

Don't you think if you can build a nano suite, brick and mortar buildings would be a thing of the past???

Computersaysno4372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )

All these people saying its generic, environment is generic etc


So you walk around a city pointing out buildings saying ooooh thats generic, look at that generic water tower! Generic! Generic! If we can build a spacecraft why aren't all these boring historical brick and iron buildings be flattened so we can build new ones out of carbon fibre and titanium? Why even have Grand Central left with dated old stone, lets build a floating station out of broken Xbox 360s and melted down HD DVDs just because we can!


I am sure that there will be plenty of other interesting places to go, plenty of interesting alien occurances. However everyone has known for years now this is urban warfare on earth. Get the fuck over it and stop screaming generic every ten seconds.

Ju4372d ago

It just doesn't match up. If you want to be historic be historic. Or if you want to be scifi, well use your imagination. But this selective "evolution" tries to do both. Just makes it shallow.

Computersaysno4372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )

Dont be utterly ridiculous Ju. You are suggesting it is to be set in a crazy sci fi city even though the events of the first game and thus this take place in the next 10-20 years.

The game is about more advanced experimental human technology but not human ray guns and flying cars. If you think that all of New York would be utterly transformed into this sci fi city in the next 15 years you are going to be disappointed. This game is about the blend of aliens, sci fi and the contrast to a slightly more advanced humanity.

Its only a game after all. Moaning that old buildings should not exist in the near future is a preposterous statement to make

Ju4372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )

No. w/e. I just think crysis is as generic as any other action shooter with a shallow story. They didn't even invest to come up with more than some aliens landed on planet earth or packaged that into any complex side story. This is basically all you get. So hype crysis for the pretty graphics all you want but the story sucks like any other.

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Megaton4372d ago

I had the same reaction as Sony NGP. I suppose if this is a DX9 beta that's something, but you'd think that THE SEQUEL TO CRYSIS(!) would be a great leap from the graphical benchmark set by the original. People were saying that CGI-looking trailer awhile back was actually in-game PC version and shit. I hate to be one of "those guys", but this looks like it was horribly gimped by consoles.

gamer20104372d ago

You PS3 fanboys need to cut it with your biased commentary.

Watch this and if you can't see how utterly amazing that is then you are hopelessly deluded and in denial.