Greed Killed the Rock Band Star

Bad business practice, repetitive content, and high production costs are among the factors responsible for the downfall of the music game genre.

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sickpup3826d ago

I see the bad business practices but I have not experienced the repetative content from Rock Band. Yes, Guitar Hero is as cookie-cutter as they come but Rock Band is not on the same crazy release schedule. Rock Band still needs work on how to build a last game but now that they own the genre it should be up them to self-destruct or thrive. I am not sure how it cost so much to produce the music. It's raw music tracks, click some notes when they match the music for different instruments, and royalties. If they can't find a way to slim that down they need to higher some developers to brainstorm.

madara0sama3826d ago

The lack of innovation also killed the franchise.

koston36473826d ago

i really wouldnt lump Rock Band in with Guitar Hero. Every feature in a Rock Band game (except drop in/drop out i believe) has been original to that series. Harmonix should be seen as innovators, RB1 had first full band gameplay, RB2 had 84 songs and updated intruments, and RB3 had introduced pro mode, harmonies, and keyboard.

Also people seem to forget that Rock Band is the ONLY game to constantly put out new DLC every single week since November 2007. That is an impressive stat.