Why I'm Psyched For Uncharted 3 "Although I had not played any of the Uncharted games before this year, my interest in the games stemmed upon playing a demo of the first game around 2007; my first year at university. My initial response was that of sheer joy and excitement. I loved everything about the game; the gameplay, the setting, the graphics, and even the way Nathan Drake's clothing would actually get soaked upon trotting through water. However, there was one big issue. I did not own a PS3 and the one person I knew who had access to one, refused to buy Uncharted and would instead spend his money on dozens of Madden titles. Not that that's a bad thing. It just further delayed my Nathan Drake experience."

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JDouglasGU2806d ago

massive understatement! easily one of my most anticipated games on the horizon.

Elimin82806d ago

Who isn't Psyched For Uncharted 3?

disturbing_flame2806d ago

Naughty Dogs have to work hard, after playing KZ3 demo it seems that Guerrilla have raised the graphics bar for 2011 on the PS3.

tweex2806d ago

Hellz ya! God, this can't come out soon enough!!

mephman2806d ago

Damn straight. This needs to be in my PS3 now!

Jio2806d ago

Im pretty sure everybody with a PS3 is exited for this.

ilikestuff2806d ago

exited huh? i remember my first beer

Jio2806d ago

I dont get why I have so many dislikes? I love uncharted, can I really be punished for that?

peowpeow2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Obviously they're disagreeing with "everybody with a PS3 is excited for this". Your talking as if you stated you love Uncharted..but you didn't

Edit: Oh I see you said "dislikes" not "disagrees" do know they're disagrees right? :)

Jio2805d ago

Yes, disagrees/disikes. I know theyre disagrees

Coramoor_2806d ago

Honestly have no idea why anyone wouldnt be interested, the first two games were great and all indications lead to the third just continuing to build on that

Lamarthedancer2806d ago

Just one year after Among theives...thats not bad. Least it's not set years after the sequel, I just don't like a character getting older too quick (Max Payne..set 12 years after MP2 ¬¬ .

I just want to see what Elena is going to look like in this, I hope she's going to be involved alot like Sully. I don't want her to be in his posistion like he was in the last game.

I know it shouldn't be said now since it's only the third game but I hope to god Elena and Nathan don't have a child together. I don't want some annoying brat messing up Nates style, trying to be funny when he just comes off annoying.

-Alpha2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

The quality is top notch, I can care less if it's coming out only a year after.

Personally I think Multiplayer is my biggest curiosity. UC2's was great and underrated. Sony doesn't have any Arena shooters aside from this one, and arena shooters are SO competitive.

I've had a lot of fun with 5 on 5 matches and ND is promising to rival the best of the best. I believe that they can deliver the total package: Co-op, MP, and Single Player.

mephman2806d ago

I think he meant that the story is set a year after Among Thieves.

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The story is too old to be commented.