PALGN: LittleBigPlanet 2 Review

LittleBigPlanet 2 throws in an absolutely massive amount of new features but forgets to improve upon its gameplay mechanics and in turn loses some of its groove.

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GodofSackboy2810d ago

What kind of crap site is this, they should be closed down for giving such a low score

360degrees2810d ago

I concur with this review...I mean honestly how can they simply add a couple more map making techniques, and fail to update anything else about the franchise?...simply putting a "fresh coat"of paint on the series and calling it LBP2 simply will not cut it with reviewers these days...actually thinking further into it 7.5 may be a little too generous for this lackluster iteration...maybe next time Media Molecule will bring their A+ Game

awesomeperson2810d ago

Lol. Wait, that was a joke right?

starcrafter2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

The formula is pretty much perfect and entirely unique. What, pray tell, do you suggest they change? They already COMPLETELY revamped gameplay possibilities - now being able to play TPS, FPS, RPG, RTS games like you couldn't do so before. Introduced a whole new way of travelling through the level/ interacting with it with the grabbinator, creatinator, grapple hook etc.
Let alone the huge improvement in graphics, voice actors, interface etc...

LBP2 is an A+ game - it's the highest rated exclusive of this year and very highly rated on average.

Sitris2810d ago

So crafting a whole new single player, adding all new abilities, grappling hook, grabinators, creatanator and the ability to create moving objects. Also being able to make cutscenese, record your voice, and program working Ai. All your doing is being a BS fanboy, this game is one of the most replayable and most accessible games ever made.

Lirky2810d ago

Lbp2 isnt lbp1, lbp2 includes mini game making tools and it allows u to build things faster if your a creator the game is for creators/level players. In lbp1 u couldnt make mini games in depth or even movie trailers or machinima mini films in a saga way recording it with a capture device uploading it to youtube.

ShinMaster2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

I like how you accidentally ended up describing HALO(and COD-like games), hahahaha

Please GTFO

bluwulf2810d ago

SHiN OMGFGH LOL I thought the same exact thing. I thought he was about to be clever and make a joke about Halo & Call of duty & Madden, but no..

he was dead serious...


Bathyj2810d ago

Obviously never played it.

Theres more NEW content in LBP 2 than most games have in their entirety. Its almost impossible to fathom how much has improved. Its like asking how big is space?

LBP2 is the true definition of a sequel. To imply its merely a fresh coat of paint is insulting. Its raised the bar so high and the bar was still where part 1 left it.

The only thing lacklustre, is your opinion.

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El_Assenso2810d ago

Who hell are these people!! Did they even open the packageing of the game!!

cobpswii36002810d ago

Their is nothing wrong with LBP2's jumping. Different does not equal bad. But nitpicking/reaching is pathetic. The 7.5 is totally not justified.

El_Assenso2810d ago

I agree. The 7.5 is totally unjustified. Complaining about the jumping when its a known feature of the game which makes it what it is, is plain stupid. All the low review scores seem to pull LBP2 down due to this, but when its BLOPS its perfectly fine to have a laggy as hell and glitched experience.

hamburger1232810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )


---stone---2810d ago


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