Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Making Of Part 1

Here's some video of the first part of Uncharted Making Of #1.Enjoy!

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jcgamer4043d ago

I have been nothing but impressed by this game...looks like a winner...

nasim4043d ago

BTW people....HALO 3 is even shorter than HS in single player mode. It would be interesting to see the IGN,GAMESPOT and 1up reviews----websites that are BOTTISH and took off points from HS for being an 8 hour game.

OXM brazil has given halo 3 a 9/10 and has termed it as the HALO2 IN IGN /GS and other websites should definitely take off points from the wii HALo3 for looking so outdated.

It would be interesting to see halo3's reviews from unbiased websites since the gameplay is just 7 hours long with poor graphics

I played the pirated copy and i would give HALO 3 a 6/10.
The multiplayer is nothing unique as well. Exactly the same as HALO2. BUT above all the graphics like most x360 games are very disappointing

jackdoe4043d ago

It is a pretty interesting vid. It is nice that Naughty Dog took all the complaints to heart about aiming and camera control to heart and made great strides to improve it. The major complaint now is its incredibly challenging AI. Gamespy says the game is too hard now because of the AI.

darkequitus4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

you fo noy have to a ps3 let alone a 360. you lie aboout playing halo 3 because the online features are currentky disabled.

How being honest and stop your comical propoganda, you breat sucking child

after months you have not stepped up to the plate and said what your psn tag is
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socomnick4043d ago

Why dont you guys put making of part 1 and 2 in one story no need to spread them out.

Danielson4042d ago

looks ok.... boy what are you on, because this is one of the better looking games out there visually and gameplay wise

s8anicslayer4043d ago

looks like tombraider/ico,but that;s a good thing

achira4042d ago

no,it plays totally different. and the best of this game is the gameplay. believe me i have already played it.

Antonio_Mex4043d ago

this game has really good potential!! im so gonna buy this game when it comes out! it looks awesome!

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