Project Gotham Racing 4: Time Attack

No matter how spectacular Bizarre's Project Gotham Racing 4 ends up being when it ships on October 2nd, there will be a band of haters claiming that it isn't real racing. The Project Gotham series has been built upon a flair-driven "Kudos" system you see, which doesn't sit well with gearheads that just can't grasp the concept of power sliding or going on two wheels- on purpose- for points.

The Japanese art of "drifting" is all about the style of sliding sideways, and has little to do with forward momentum, but not all race driver wanna-be's can relate. While D1-level drifting is hardcore racing to some, racing purists look at it as a waste of time and the absolute slowest means to an end. The difference in opinions on drifting is similar to the reasoning as to why the PGR franchise doesn't sit well with all motorsports fans. What about getting from Point A to Point B in the shortest time possible?

Enter Project Gotham Racing 4's Time Attack mode.

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