Three Franchises Microsoft Should Revive

OnlySP: Platform-exclusive games have been a mainstay of the hardware marketing strategy for some time now. Each company dangles them in front of gamers like a worm on a hook, waiting for us to bite. Technology mega-giant Microsoft is no stranger to this practice and has always been willing to unload the buckets of cash necessary to keep specific titles solely on their Xbox 360. Fortunately for us as gamers, near-infinite amounts of funding and development resources can often translate into some pretty damn good games. In Microsoft’s stable alone, franchises like Halo, Gears of War, and Forza Motorsports stand as some of the most well-received titles in their respective genres. However, not all titles exclusive to the Xbox 360 have managed to stay in the limelight and, as a result, seem to have been all but forgotten. Somewhere, in a back office in Redmond, Washington, some tragically under-appreciated franchises are sitting on a shelf collecting dust.

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MultiConsoleGamer3593d ago

1. Crimson Skies
2. Crimson Skies
3. Crimson Skies

user39158003593d ago

Killer instinc
Phantom dust
Perfect dark

FABLE LOST ITS WAY, PROJECT GOTHAM ITS NO LONGER ANY FUN AND viva pinata? well poor choices, they have so many first party or second party that they can use.

Dms20123593d ago

Best air combat game ever for being arcadey.

Bathyj3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )


This is what pisses me off about MS.
They spit out game after game of some of their series till they lose the magic that made you love them in the first place, but they have a fantastic franchise like Crimson Skies just sitting there doing nothing because theyre not the money making machines that Halo is.

I also wish they'd bring back Brute Force. The first one wasnt all it could have been, but thats why you have sequels to refine it. You dont need to just give up on it right away. The concept was great, it could just use a bit more polish and better design.

3-4-53593d ago


Still the best multiplayer experience ever.

* It had awesome maps, every plane was fun and unique, it was smooth, 16 players in online dog fighting was awesome and it never got old......ever.

This game was released at the Beginning of LAST GEN....and nobody has even touched it or came close.

That is pathetic.

Bathyj3593d ago

The controls. I loved the controls.

The planes were all great and because they were all different each one had their uses.

The game had a great charm to it as well and I loved the universe it was in. Propeller planes with jets and blimps. Awesome.

UnholyLight3593d ago

THE OUTFIT!!!! So much fun. Early Xbox 360 exclusive game

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zerocrossing3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Out of all the franchises MS is letting rot away right now.

Project Gotham Racing
Viva Pinata

Are the best you could choose to revive?...

What about.

Lost Odyssey
Perfect Dark

Im clueless as to why these titles haven't spawned any recent sequels.

Wingsfan243593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Lost Odyssey will be getting it's own piece from us, didn't want to include it here.

zerocrossing3593d ago

Oh OK, I'll be looking forward to that :)

A7XEric3593d ago

In all fairness Otogi was published by Sega and developed by From Software. Not really in Microsoft's hands.

Upbeat3593d ago

lost odyssey what a game!

LackTrue4K3593d ago

Killer Instinct and Project Gotham
funny....with Kinetic support, you would thank a game like Viva Pinata would be out.
wait....2 of my list are Rare's games... :/

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Belking3593d ago

Brute Force
Mech Assault
Phantom Dust

Shadow Man3593d ago

i gree mech assault with hd graphics would be the bomb

Cueil3593d ago

Phantom Dust was underappreciated game... what was the one where you had like a super arm and start in some kind of lab some chick comes to get you and you have to fight crazy super powered guys with bear hands

Cueil3593d ago

Breakdown! That game had a ton of promise

Relientk773593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Kameo: Elements of Power
Brute Force
Lost Odyssey
Blue Dragon
Perfect Dark
Too Human
Mech Assault

edit @ PockeyKing

Well, these are the unique IP's I think are great and/or have potential

also Conker too which ujean69 pointed out

DasTier3593d ago

Midtown Maddness!
Crimson Skies!

A7XEric3593d ago

Now that George Andreas is gone from Rare, I don't see a sequel to Kameo happening, despite the somewhat cliffhanger ending it had.

Wingsfan243593d ago

Kind amazing at how many IP's Microsoft has, and unique ones too, but doesn't do anything with them. No clue what's going through their heads.

Knight_Crawler3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Battle Toads
Black and White
Banjo Kazooie (Done right this time)
Crack Down (Done right this time)
Jet Force Gemini
Killer Instincs vs Tao Feng vs Kakuto Chojin


This game was very unappreciated and has the potential to compete against Fall Out and Final Fantasy.

ZeroX98763593d ago

you got one impressive list there buddy. If all those titles we`re coming to the next xbox, I would buy one for sure, but seeing what microsoft did with conker on the original xbox and banjo on 360, the chances are low for those two.

Battletoad as a XBLA game would be awesome!

r213593d ago

Woah, phantom dust looks awesome! Make a sequel for that please MS!

maniacmayhem3592d ago

That Phantom Dust looks like Psychic Force on steroids. Man I wish an update/reboot of that game would get greenlit. It's perfect for Live now.

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