Crysis 2 PC Minimum System Requirements Revealed

Crytek has revealed the minimum system requirements for their highly-anticipated shooter Crysis 2. The figures, which were posted on the game's facebook page, are detailed below:

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newsguy3795d ago

Holy crap. I've been waiting for these figures!

WhiteNoise3795d ago

Given that even the recommended requirements of Crysis 1 were less than half of what I would consider needed for smooth gameplay...I would take these with a grain of salt.

People seem to forget that minimum really means minimum
600p 30 frame avg on low settings with no AA

Recommended would likely mean
1080p 30 frames avg high settings no AA ( with things like Ambient occlusion and tessellation turned off )

To max a game out you really need to leave recommended specs in the dust...

Recommended specs for BFBC2 was a takes my overclocked gtx480 to get 60 frames maxed.

Xfanboy3795d ago


This is 6 months ago & it looks polished!

Tachyon_Nova3795d ago

@ Xfanboys vid - that is pure awesome

nveenio3795d ago

Some of that looks really nice. I'm upgrading my PC this weekend to a Phenom 1090t and 560GTX, so I'm hoping I can get this game's settings pretty close to max.

DigitalPiracy3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

I don't know much about the 560 but I had a 460 a while back and it could nearly max the original out. I know the 560 is just a revision but it is certainly a more powerful card so I don't think you'll have any problems. Plus, Crysis still looks great on High with 2X AA. Good luck!

theonlylolking3794d ago

WOW crysis 2 on PC looks AMAZING! Makes the 360 version look like crap and crysis 1.

hassi943794d ago

"Recommended specs for BFBC2 was a takes my overclocked gtx480 to get 60 frames maxed."

That's because the AA on BFBC2 is horribly optimised. As I run BFBC2 at constant 60fps with highest settings (except AA which is at 4xAA rather than the maximum 8xAA for the game). I tried 8xAA but it dropped to like 20fps and less sometimes. Also I'm only running an overclocked Radeon HD 5750 (oc'ed to about 5770 level).

HappyGaming3794d ago

Crysis only cost 20 million to make.
If the PS4 has high end 2010-2011 hardware when it releases and with the usual $60mil KZ budgets imagine how awesome games will be in 5 years time.

And that is just for consoles of course PCs will be even more awesome.

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ATiElite3795d ago

I can deal with a 8800gt / HD 3870 being the minimum cards because basically these are what the consoles are almost equal to. This is a good step. Dual core 2.0ghz so hopefully it supports multi-core cpu optimization better than Crysis.

Unfortunately Nvidia is sponsoring this game so they are gonna Far Cry 2 it, which means do everything possible so AMD cards run slower on it. I just hope Crysis 2 uses Cryteks software physics instead of that crap Nvidia Physx.

OpenGL FTW!!

TheGameFoxJTV3795d ago

I prefer Nvidia anyways. AMD's drivers are kinda wonky.

DIEGOtheGREAT3795d ago

Wonder if my rig can handle high settings
Phenom ii x4 965 be
Hd6850 crossfired
8gb ram

hassi943794d ago

Of course you can and you know it, stop trying to boost your ego by boasting your computer specs. It's pathetic.

xxxxxxxxxx13794d ago

What a waste! Such good cards with a shit CPU :(

callahan093795d ago

This is silly, the submitter went with a version of the story, when there are others available. claimed to be quoting the system requirements from the Crysis 2 Facebook page, but they actually changed one of the requirements:

Crytek themselves list the following GPU requirement:
NVidia 8800GT 512Mb RAM, ATI 3850HD 512Mb RAM, or better. deleted the ATI card from the requirements so it looks like you have to have an NVidia chipset to run the game.

Why not just quote the system requirements as is, rather than modify them to serve your agenda?

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AKA3795d ago

''Crysis 2 Minimum System Requirements Revealed''a xbox 360?

newsguy3795d ago

Well, Crysis has always been known to be a PC franchise, with the original and warhead and all. Will be interesting to see how the consoles like the franchise.

Shackdaddy8363795d ago

xbox 360 is medium to low settings.

andresegers3795d ago

I don't think my computer 50 years from now could handle this

Dr Face Doctor3795d ago

I know right, my PC has INTEL EXTREME INTEGRATED GRAPHICS and a whole 128mbs of RAM, and while it can run Quake II at a decent clip, I couldn't imagine it running like those magnificent PC's you get at Walmart for less than $600.

I wonder if it'll support my Sound Blaster value card...

ShinMaster3795d ago

You can indeed run Crysis 2 for less than $600.
It's called a $299 PS3 lol

EvolZero3795d ago

Or a $199 Xbox 360.....

ShinMaster3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

...OR a $299 PS3 which includes a 160GB HDD and be able to play more than 2 games, plus no online fees.

multipayer3795d ago

Don't be fooled, crysis has about the same spec requirement and we know how it runs. SPOTTY! Meaning it varies spot to spot... Maybe getting it to run on windows 7 64bit properly is a pain in the ass though and nobody wants to admit it to me.

ct033795d ago

What are you talking about exactly?

multipayer3795d ago

I thought I was pretty clear, defining spotty. Crysis 2 shouldn't be quite as much a resource hog since it is on consoles though.

FantasyStar3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

How can anyone disagree with slugboss? he's absolutely correct. The minimum specs for Crysis, even at Recommended was far too low for that game.

To my best memory, this is "barely minimum".

1-1.5GB RAM to avoid streaming stuttering
A 512MB GFX Card AT LEAST! Anything less and your memory page will fill up fast!
Any CPU that isn't the Athlon X2s or the E4400s equivalent.

And recommended specs? ...that all depends on what resolution you wanna play at.

But definitely around 1.5GB RAM at least.
A OC'd GTX 480 or whatever's higher than that.
doesn't matter about CPU since Crysis isn't CPU-intensive, so long as it isn't a E2180 lol.

EDIT: Maybe Crysis 2 will be less intensive, 90% maybe, but still a maybe until we get our hands on the game itself. But I'm prepared for my rig to get raped.

Kon3795d ago

If i'm lucky i'll be able to run this in high settings with decent framerate.

newsguy3795d ago

What's your system setup?

Kon3795d ago

HD 5670
Win 7 Ultimate 64b
AMD Phenom II X4 945 3.01GHz

awiseman3795d ago

You need to get rid of them AMD/ATI products and go with Intel and nvidia they are much better quality...albeit at a higher price tag.

ATiElite3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Last year i would have Flaimed you out about saying get rid of AMD CPU's. AMD makes some very affordable and great CPU's. Be proud of your AMD cpu but if you got the cash go Intel, that's what I tell people when building them a PC. As far as Nvidia is concerned, they are overpriced and over rated except for the GTX 560 which is a DAM good card at a great price.

No PC gaming publication will ever say Nvidia has better picture quality than AMD cause they are the same. Some games AMD is faster some games Nvidia is faster. It all boils down to how much horse power you want at what price point.

Intel Core i5 2500K @ 4.4ghz
ASUS P8P67 Deluxe MOBO
8GB DDR3 G-skill ripjaws 1600
Win 7 32 Win 7 64 Win Xp Mac OSX
1 128Gb Crucial SSD
4 300 GB WD HDD Raid 1+0
1 1tb WD HDD
Haf X case
Corsair 1200w PSU
Visiontek Bigfoot Killer NIC
Rosewill Raid Controller

No GPu's yet as I haven't decided on GTX 560 SLi or HD 6950 CF or HD 6990

distorted_reality3795d ago

awiseman - you're on crack dude.

AMD/ATI have shown over the years that they build great components and don't charge through the roof for them, and nothing has changed.

fullmetal2973795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

You might just need to disable dx11 and run it in DX9 to play.

hassi943794d ago

I reckon medium-high with no AA you'll be fine, doubt you'll be able to get much more than that though.

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