What We Want to See in the Skyrim Collector's Edition

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is set to release November 11, 2011 and the pre-order is currently available, but it’s still unknown what Bethesda plans to put in the Skyrim Collector’s Edition. There’s great certainty that there will be a map in all versions of the game, hopefully it’s more along the lines of the Morrowind map than Oblivion’s. Other than the map what else do you think will be included in the Skyrim Collector’s Edition? Here’s what we want to see:

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Nac2876d ago

make it like Oblivion, that was a pretty solid collector's edition.

Xfanboy2876d ago

As far im concerned the regular pc version is better than any collectors edition!

Red_Phoenix2876d ago

I want the game to come in a solid gold case paired with a shining suit of armor for me to wear while playing.

femshep2876d ago

cloth map, a coin from game (like oblivion's) and some of statue creature of main enemy or something iconic from Skyrim and of course an art book and making of dvd

make it a good 120 for a decent statue and we have a deal

8BitSoul2876d ago

Oblivion is by far my favourite collector's edition to date! The only thing I wish they do different with Skyrim, is include the soundtrack:)

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