Irrational Passions: Little Big Planet 2 Review

Media Molecule is back, and better than ever. In 2008, they released Little Big Planet, a game like no other before. With the tools provided in LBP, you could create full worlds and levels to platform across. Now, in Little Big Planet 2, they claim you can not only make platform games, but that it is a platform for you to make entire games! With tools like never before at your disposal, does it live up to this claim?

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ChrisW3794d ago

Erm... Bash me and bash me hard for this: But the site gave it a OVERALL SCORE: 74/80 which is similar to a 92 on a 100 point scale. Or a rounded 9/10 on a 10 point scale.

BTW, who the hell has heard of David's Gallant? (Other than the poster of the article)

ALFighter273794d ago

Our site has two individual scores. Its under the "Review Format" tab on it. They are totally separate, one being on a scale of 1-11 (One to Awesome) and the other being a deduction on specific problems we find in the game based on a score out of 80.

Also David Gallant is just the guy who hosts our site at the moment.