Sony Rethinks Handheld Gaming

BMC: In what was perhaps Sony’s most impressive press event in years, the company announced their latest handheld gaming device along with a flood of information about new services and ideas that showcase their preparedness to face off against rivals Apple and Nintendo in the handheld games market. It’s a brilliant approach, and even that may be an understatement.

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aviator1892818d ago

If it launches at a competitive price, this thing could really take off.

hellzsupernova2818d ago

yeah with their store etc on it i think this is the first chance a company has at disturbing the king of handhelds, but the key is price then comes the support

-Mezzo-2818d ago

Everything about NGP sounds perfect, but i still believe that "Price" will be the only thing that will make it or break it.

I personally will buy it if it's $350 or under.