Do Kinect Workouts really work? 30 days with Your Shape Fitness Evolved

Msxbox-world is putting Your Shape through its paces to see if Kinect gaming can help you lose weight.

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shades722869d ago

As long as he burns calories and doesn't eat and drink a truckload of crap then he should lose weight.

SixZeroFour2869d ago

yup, the key to losing weight and getting fit is DIET and exercise...if you just do one or the other, you wont really get big results

NoobJobz2869d ago

Oh, the title misleading. I thought someone had already done the 30 days and was sharing their results. Turns out he just started today.

mark01922869d ago

There seem to be a quite a lot of people trying to lose weight using Kinect and its games. Here are some other stories of people: