Xbox Engineering Blog: Introducing … the Kinect Tuner

The Kinect Tuner (the “Tuner”) is a new feature of the Xbox 360 console that allows users to “tune” their play space and audio settings in order to get the most out of Kinect. If you suspect that Kinect is not tracking you or hearing you as well as it should, the Tuner is the place to go.

Why does Microsoft call this helpful feature the Tuner? In many ways, the Tuner is a troubleshooter, but it’s called the Tuner because “troubleshooter” sounds like something in the back of a motherboard manual, and other proposed names were too confusing, too dry, or otherwise objectionable.

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this isnt new you guys lol. it has been available with every xbox with kinect hooked up to it since day 1. this is just explaining what it is and why youd use it.

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To me this is pretty cool stuff and how Kinect not only cancels out game noise to allow voice control, but also blocks out echoing and etc from your play space.

Instead, we got people above getting hung up on the word "troubleshooting" and talking about how you need a piece of software to get hardware work. Suprise, all hardware need software to work, duh!!!

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but it requires toast.

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wanna rethink that? It gives you toast, it requires bread ;)

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