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All in all, Two Worlds II is definitely an improvement on its predecessor but it’s still not perfect. There are some glaring gameplay and technical issues and it's fairly unpolished but if you can get past the wonky blocking, unintuitive menus and spell creation, a general lack of polish, and a few other annoying nuances, you actually have at its core a fun, enjoyable and lengthy RPG with deep customization mechanics and an absolutely huge world to explore

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wwm0nkey2819d ago

This game is not a 6.5. Deserves a lot more.

Stealth20k2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

This game is a 6.5. Just goes to show you if you want a wrpg anything from bioware/bethesda are saviors

wwm0nkey2818d ago

Have you even played it? The gameplay is awesome and has one of the most deep magic systems that I have seen. its a great EuroRPG.

Bigpappy2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

No need to respond to him. There are quite a few people out there who just hate on stuff when it is not the popular (Kool) thing, everyone is raving about. But no, it is defenately not a 6.5 game. Infact, if you are into WRPG's this game get no less than an 8/10.

Oh and this is probably monkey's web sithe with his so call review. Many of the guys on this site do this. Weak attempt to draw people to your site. Because after playing the game you will loose credibility, which would mean the end of the site.

FFXI1012818d ago

I disagree, I've play the game and I didn't like it at all. There're better WRPG than Two Worlds 2 and I think 6.5 is a fair score.

wwm0nkey2817d ago


wait did you say this was my website?

Neckbear2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Haha, oh wow.

Actually, Two Worlds II is everything Oblivion isn't; Bethesda games are usually mediocre at best, and completly overrated.

And don't make me get started on BioWare, those guys don't even deserve a mention on how bad they are. Actions are worth more than my words, and they have proven such bad developers they are already.

Two Worlds II has flaws? Yes.

At its core, it's an enjoyable game? Yep. The open-worldyness with some great mechanics, many dungeons and caves to explore, and the best magic system in ages are more than enough to show exactly that.

Let us not forget the fact that the game avoids some of the most travesties commited in the history of WRPGs: Such things as streamlined quests and dungeons, level scaling, and being, to put it bluntly, casualized as fuck.

Moreover, at the reviewers, I understand your complaints and can understand them, however, all flaws present in Two Worlds II are, in fact, present in many open-world role-playing videogames.

Hell, may I ask to those reviewers giving Two Worlds II low scores while they gave Oblivion GOTY, among many praises:

What the fuck is wrong with you? You talk about bugs and issues, yet those weren't mentioned in Fallout 3 and Oblivion reviews.

Well, my dear gaming journalists, fuck you. Seriously, fuck you.

I'm not usually one to yell "bias!" or something of the likes; but it's clearly obvious that something's fishy/wrong on those publications.

bigtrucknd2817d ago

Bethesda makes games you can't even play without your system freezing and crashing. I have played two worlds two for over twenty hours without one single freeze that alone makes this game superior to any recent fallout games. Hopefully Skyrim will not be a turd.

Graey2818d ago

What's a Wrpg..western rpg?

Also I want to try this game I can't believe it would be a 6.5...when stacked up against Oblivion what does Two worlds bring to the table. Keep in mind I'm not saying Oblivion is any good. just wondering what the similarities/differences are


aPerson2818d ago

The majority of reviews for this game are giving it at least an 8/10. Read them.

ASSASSYN 36o2817d ago

6.5 lol! Way off! This game is at least an 8!

phantomexe2817d ago

No way 6.5 this game kicks ass. I'm telling ya people aren't playing it past the frist hour and slaping a shity score up. I'm not seeing the oblivion like of the game. This game has a far better story and the side quest...way better.

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