7.0 Two Worlds II Review "When approaching Two Worlds II, there was initially a lot of hope and optimism. The trailers looked promising, the developers had taken a very light-hearted approach to the criticism of their prior title, and the revamped combat system looked genuinely interesting. It looked like it was a genuine fresh start for the series, one which would prove that a developer can learn from its prior mistakes without creating a slew of new ones. However, in reality it ended up with a very mixed bag as many of the things that made the first Two Worlds were dealt with expertly, but the things that mattered most really seem to have fallen by the wayside."

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tweex2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

Kinda disappointing to hear that they haven't addressed some of the main issues :(.

JDouglasGU2908d ago

yeah, i had high hopes for this one.

Sanrin2908d ago

I like to think we all did...

tweex2908d ago

Don't get me wrong, I'll still play it, but I won't be going into it as happy I normally would...

phantomexe2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

The game kicks a$$. I haven't had any trouble with it other then the voices will cut out on the main guy a little bit and it's not real bad but nothing a patch couldn't fix. The game is alot of fun rent it and try it. I really think that the people that are reviewing this game aren't playing it past the frist hour but a 7 isn't bad just i think its a easy 8. Play it before you pass jugment on it and make sure its longer then a hour. It's not even half as bad as bethesdas products.

gorebago2908d ago

They can always patch it. I think they probably working on one too.

aPerson2908d ago

There have been SO MANY positive reviews of the game posted on N4G, yet some of you are basing your opinion on this 1 review?