SOCOM 4: New Assault & Battery Multiplayer Gameplay

Now Zipper Interactive drops this extensive Assault & Battery B-Roll multiplayer footage on us which shows nicely upgraded experience from games like the original SOCOM, SOCOM 2 and a dose of MAG for good measure.

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slate914509d ago (Edited 4509d ago )

Midnight pickup. This + KZ3. How could my life get better?

JAMurida4509d ago

Me... I mean yeah, women.

But really though, I still want to play the demo first before buying it and why are they showing the same footage???

ElementX4509d ago

I second beer.... men and beer.

DarkFantasy4509d ago

Beer's fine but liqueur's quicker.. Whiskey,Rum,Vodka,and tequila for me thanks :)

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Pixelated_Army4509d ago (Edited 4509d ago )

@Kon @bluwulf

slutty women


alcohol yes.. and don't forget the double stacked tabs of! whoo! lol


Day 1 buy for me.

Flashwave_UK4508d ago

What are you doing here jack this is butler go make me a god dam sandwitch

visualb4508d ago

good weed and good women. =O

hellzsupernova4509d ago

hopefully they go back to the original Socom's for this one i bought Socom 2 with headset was awesome.

mindedone4508d ago

I guess you haven't read up on the amazing "innovations" Zipper's made.

PS3gamer4life4509d ago

Cant wait for dis game best online shooter ever

negroguy4509d ago (Edited 4509d ago )

Havent played Socom since 2 I believe. Will it come with a Mic to order our squad in single player or do we need our own? I hope online requires some communication whether than everyone being rambo.

Nykamari4509d ago

Was that MAG in 3rd person??!!!! I can't wait for this game, the multiplayer is going to be so fun! Just like MAG! All Hail Zipper!

RememberThe3574509d ago (Edited 4509d ago )

No, MAG was a FPS.

@below: Word. I'm about to play some Mass Effect 2 so I'll hit you up with a friend request then.

Nykamari4509d ago

I know that bro! But the movement and animations are the same. The graphics are better in SOCOM but MAG graphics aren't bad neither. If you play MAG hit me up my psn is my name here.

Panthers4509d ago

Socom is miles ahead of MAG. At least Socom 2 was. I hope they make this one as much fun as Socom 2

RememberThe3574509d ago

That seems to be their goal. I love MAG, but it has some serious polish issues. This is looking much more fun Than MAG, and it's coming out like two months after KZ3. Sony is serving my shooter fix right now.

InTheZoneAC4509d ago

Strictly talking about MAG:
-Graphics suck
-Animations suck and are very limited
-Explosions suck
-Controls feel clunky and generic
-Sounds are cheap and generic
-Gun fire was cheap and ridiculous
-Hit detection, damage, gun selection, and "tracer" rounds were all poor

Socom compared to MAG:
-S4 graphics are great
-S4 sounds are great
-S4 has more than a handful of animations
-S4 has real guns
-S4 has realistic health, hit detection, and hit damage
-Socom has always had the best maps and layouts
-Socom is the only game I've played where MAJORITY of the players use it for tactical reasons.

MAG is average, Socom has always been great

Trroy4508d ago (Edited 4508d ago )

You haven't played MAG, then?

SOCOM is good, but your MAG comments are straight from the 360 fanboy playbook, and like most such commetns, they're just made up and blatantly wrong.

The graphics aren't phenominal (they're also not too bad, especially when you compare it to other shooters where you can see 5 dozen guys fighting in front of you.. oh wait), but the controls, sounds, etc. are top notch.

CryofSilence4508d ago

Yup. He hasn't played it... or just doesn't like fun.

mindedone4508d ago


Forget about whether he played MAG or not, how does he know all this info about SOCOM4? Hit detection? really? Realistic health? Remember, nonregenerative health was delegated to "classic" status.

visualb4508d ago

Stricktly talking about MAG:

even if all of that was true (its not)

its still more fun and immersive than most other MP FPS games out there


a good game doesn't need graphics animations or super sound effects to be good =)

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theonlylolking4508d ago

It uses the same game engine MAG uses so its going to look very similar.

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