SOCOM: Developer Home Movies

TRS writes: "As a token of appreciation for the SOCOM fanbase’s support with H-Hour, David Sears has shared some never before seen footage from his home movie collection. The following footage was filmed during the early production days of SOCOM at Zipper Interactive on a research trip to Morocco."

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SynGamer2610d ago

Looking at the kickstarter, it doesn't look like they are on pace to hit their goal. Perhaps if it was $100,000? That, or if it actually had "SOCOM" in the name, but sadly Sony owns that IP.

BattleAxe2610d ago

Come on people, where is the Socom fanbase when we need them? Help support the H-Hour kickstarter!

r212610d ago

Journalists need to spread this info. It should help gain more support.

REAL12610d ago

We seriously need this. I hope it really happens.

JordanCabot2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

I think we should follow them on social media websites and people will also come to know about them.


RowSand2609d ago

i smell New socom game in the future