Petition Launched for Socom 2

Socom fans speak out on Change.org with a petition to bring back Socom II Remastered to PlayStation 4. Will it even make a difference?

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s2Celerity3108d ago

Greatest game to ever exist, this would sell consoles for sure.

urgentfury3108d ago

I agree it would sell some consoles but I am not sure the numbers will be staggering enough. I do however think that the franchise should be revived and brought back to its roots.

Crimzon3108d ago

I can't speak of the roots of the franchise since I never played SOCOM 1 or 2, but was the last game on PS3 really that bad? I saw a lot of the fans of the older games speak poorly of it back when it launched, but as someone new to the franchise I thought SOCOM 4 was incredibly fun and enjoyable to play. I was really disappointed when Sony shut down the servers for that game.

I was really impressed with that game on a technical level as well. The gameplay was enjoyable enough, but the levels being so large, with complex geometry and so much foliage while letting 32 players run around with no lag was very impressive at the time, especially since the graphics were actually really good in my opinion.

It was frustrating to see Sony shut down Zipper Interactive. I guess their games weren't for everyone but I really liked MAG and SOCOM 4. Same goes for Sony Liverpool and Wipeout HD. Sad to see great developers like that gone and Sony use the money to fund rubbish like The Order instead.

Commodore3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

To Crimzon:

SOCOM 4 (We don't even consider it a SOCOM game) was so terrible, it was amazing that the game even got made with the amount of misdirection Zipper went with. Every previous SOCOM was based on 1 life, no respawn. That gave it the thrill and intensity that no other game has ever done to this day. It was a cluster **** of every current game at the time. Call of Duty and Uncharted mainly. Wall hugging? No thank you.

SOCOM 2 would still have it's core base but people today who can't handle waiting 5 minutes for the next round when they die. They do something stupid like rushing into a room and not working together as a team....and then they die.

morganfell3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Compared to the other SOCOMs, SOCOM 4 was bad because the MP was completely different from previous titles and what people wanted was the gameplay they had previously enjoyed.

Confrontation turned out to be good but you wouldn't know it from some people. Persons that liked SOCOM 2 didn't like Confrontation because they played it for the first month or so then quit. It took 6 months and over 600MB of patches but eventually Confrontation had a really good SOCOM II vibe. Those that stuck it out or else came back to the game after that 6th month were pleasantly surprised.

The main thing missing from COnfrontation, and SOCOM III for that matter was the Breach mode as itr was never the same after II and it was my favorite game mode. Playing SOCOM II and Breach on Sujo or Sandstorm was a blast. But it was winning Breach mode as a SEAL on Enowapi that took the most skill.

Sujo: https://www.youtube.com/wat...

Sandstorm: https://www.youtube.com/wat...

2014 Gameplay for Fish Hook, SOCOM II: https://www.youtube.com/wat...

BattleAxe3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

It will never happen. I'm not sure why people keep kicking this dead horse. The Playstation Blog already had a petition with something like the second highest votes out of all the petitions on Playstation.Blog Share, and Sony didn't do anything about it back then. H-Hour is what everyone should be concentrating on right about now. Socom 2 was awesome, but it's time to stop living in the past, and start moving on with your lives.

Helix3107d ago

you all do realize HHOUR is coming out by Sofstudios


morganfell3107d ago

Yes, but despite the pedigree H Hour isn't SOCOM. If you look at the most recent vids it is quite apparent.

BattleAxe3106d ago


Well at this stage of H-Hour's development, what do you expect? And unless you've been playing the alpha, how can you talk about pedigree? Zipper was a well funded studio, whereas SOF Studios is just getting started.

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Bigpappy3108d ago

Being a huge Ghost fan, I have always had an interest in playing the early Socom games. It was this and GOW that always caught my interest. Not big on Uncharted and Bloodborne or D'Souls (not saying those are bad games).

lilbrat233107d ago

I remember never sleeping playing this game on the PSP I wish they would also release a Vita version of this game. The online was epic.

ZombieKiller3107d ago

I would buy this again in a flash. I've been waiting for another really good Socom game. Where camping is legitimate instead of running around like a chicken without a head.

Sorry A.D.D. world, but camping IS A STRATEGY.

harbie3107d ago

Damn can't agree 1million times lol ;)>. Never before have truer words been spoken. SOCOM II is the greatest game of all time.

You can still play it today via Xlink, come join us, until SOCOM II HD finally comes out! :)


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s2Celerity3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

We can do better than this people, let's get it started! http://imgur.com/w2yBsrg

NO_FEAR3108d ago

This was the all time best game on any console at it's launch. It was a pivotal moment in console gaming history. Millions of fans enjoyed it and it formed bonds of friendships that survive to this day. It spurred the competitive gaming scene. A great game will always be a great game. This timeless remaster would be enjoyed again by old fans and new alike.

s2Celerity3108d ago

Still playing multiplayer on LAN through a PC application that connects ps2 ip's together. Cant believe it's been almost 12 years

harbie3107d ago

Xlink is the app if anyone is interested in playing SOCOM 2

HELVEG263108d ago

Yup Sony should bring back a Classic SOCOM, its still sorely missed by thousands even after all these years. There is a lot of money to be made for them if they get it right. This game sold consoles!! Always a deciding factor in the past when choosing between a PS or XBOX.

s2Celerity3108d ago

No doubt in my mind this would sell consoles. It's the most addictive experience out for almost a decade now.

OUROSMAG3108d ago

Wasn't the studio behind SOCOM shut down?

s2Celerity3108d ago

Sony still owns the rights and has given it to another studio before as well. Anything could happen