PS4 FPS was in the works at Zipper before it closed

Zipper Interactive was developing two unannounced titles before it was closed by Sony - including a first-person shooter for PlayStation 4.

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majiebeast2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Nothing of value was lost. Zipper has been below par since Socom 3. Now their budgets are going to more talented studios.

If team ICO doesnt show Last Guardian at E3 this year for PS3/PS4 they can close that down aswell for all i care. Cause the budget for that game is at this point massive, that they couldve expanded Sucker punch and get Naughty Dog a third team or acquire a new studio.

The reason studio Liverpool got merged with evolution is because the only thing they made was Wipeout and the rest of their concepts for games just werent impressive.

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Merrill2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

While I agree Zipper's quality all but disappeared, it didn't start at Socom 3. Socom 3 was amazing and I enjoyed literally thousands of hours online with it.

They owned PS2 online.

MAG & Socom 4 on the other hand were a mess, especially Socom 4, just terrible. I still enjoyed MAG, but it had some fundamental flaws that they never fixed.

MaxXAttaxX2635d ago

Socom 4 felt like a third-person COD. Considering this canceled game was an FPS, they might have gone full COD with it.
Everybody knows you never go full COD.

hellzsupernova2635d ago

i bought both of those games too! socom 4 wtf happened! i just wanted socom 2 dammit zipper why you have to drop to those standards. aparently Unit 13 was good though

garos822635d ago

Can't talk about socom but MAG was far from a mess.I think it was one of the few true innovative fps of this generation

BattleAxe2635d ago

@ Merrill,

I agree 100%. I loved Socom 2 the most, but Socom 3 and Socom: Combined Assault were two of the best multiplayer games to this date. My entire clan moved over to Socom 3 when it came out and we all loved it. Even though the maps were bigger and had vehicles, the core game mechanics were kept the same, which is something that we can't say for Socom: Confrontation and Socom: 4. Anyone who says that they didn't like Socom 3, probably didn't play it for more than a few days.

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Eyeco2635d ago

It kills me but I agree with Majiebeast on this one, You guys have got to look at it from a logical standpoint, whether you liked them or not, Eat Sleep Play , Zipper (post ps2), LightBox interactive games received lukewarm reviews as well as lukewarm sales realistically there dead weight.

Sony needs less dev's like the above and more dev's like Media Molecule, Naughty Dog, SSM, developing more established, more profitable franchises, or if there serious start purchasing smaller 3rd party devs like FromSoftwareInc or Thatgamecompany, I can't think of another reason as to why SuperBot was dropped , lukewarm reviews, lukewarm sales, it's that simple.

Tultras2635d ago

The starhawk beta was one of the BEST multiplayer experiences I had, it was like playing Star Wars battlefront all over again. :').

kupomogli2635d ago

Playstation All Stars has some pretty good sales with what I'd assume isn't really massive budget. The game is also sitting at 75 on metacritic which I'd say are somewhat positive reviews. The problem with Playstation All Stars is that the game was released with a ridiculous amount of bugs, so there's constant freezing, problems where the game screws up, etc, both offline and online.

As many complaints as they were receiving, they patched the game and none of the bugs have been fixed. One of the bugs, the character switch bug happens less often, but it's not completely fixed as it still happens but very rarely, and it's the only day one bug that has been fixed. The more patches that they release, the more problems they add. The game is even more bug ridden than it was originally. What's really sad is that it's got more unpatched game breaking bugs than Oblivion(haven't played Skyrim) and it's not even open world.

I honestly think that Sony looked at all the complaints, saw nothing was getting done, and saw how broken the game is, decided to drop SuperBot. I would have dropped them as well. For the entire studio being handpicked specifically for their development and fighting game background, they failed on both accounts.

hkgamer2635d ago

not sure if this is correct, but I think team ICO is a small team.

It has exapnded alot compared to when they started but if this site shows every employee that works for them then it shouldn't have cost them too much.

If I counted correctly they have 47 people working on this game.

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IcyEyes2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

"Nothing of value was lost. Zipper has been below par since Socom 3."

Wow you really know the meaning of the word "respect".

ps probably you know everything about the two unannounced titles, so that's why you say "nothing of value was lost".

Pretty sad.

Highlife2636d ago

"wow you really know the meaning of the word "respect"."

That's business!

IcyEyes2636d ago

Socom 4 was a blast for me and if its not a game for everybody, no one can denied the fact MAG and Unit 13 are two awesome game.

They deserve a LOT more respect because Socom was a great franchise and MAG is still a great game.

So, even if Socom 4 was a bad game that's not mean the whole studio don't deserve respect.

dcbronco2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )


Sony doesn't make business decisions. They know people just want great games no matter the cost.

Full steam ahead boys. We ain't scared of no stinkin' icebergs.

Root2636d ago

To quote Cutler Becket....

"It's just good business"


SilentNegotiator2635d ago

There's nothing insensitive about not caring that a poorly performing studio closed. That's capitalism; you produce enough for the people or your business/division dies.

Besides, it's Sony. Half of those guys probably got put into other studios. The other half will probably join or create an indie group, where demand is strong.

Jek_Porkins2636d ago

R.I.P Zipper, one of my all time favorite developers from the PS2 era.

PR_FROM_OHIO2636d ago

Smh another FPS?? Can we just get a true Socom game for the PS4 Sony!!!!!!

sandman2242636d ago

I hope there still considering it. Socom 4 was an amazing game. I still own it, its one of the few games I cant let go of. I dont know why everyone complained about it. I think Im going to play a few rounds later Socom 4 haters!

SolidDuck2636d ago

There is a 2 part video on YouTube called socom 4 is dead. It's points out many of the reason why socom fans like myself hate socom 4. U should watch it.

jimbobwahey2636d ago

I loved SOCOM 4 as well, and had a really great time playing MAG. It was unfortunate that they were a bit generic in the art department (although SOCOM 4 really had some great graphics) and the only complaint I had was how SOCOM 4 devolved into groups of snipers hiding in their spawn and never leaving because of the invisible barriers protecting them from grenades.

If they had done something to fix that, the game would have been perfect.

violents2635d ago

Anyone from my clan which has been running together since socom 1 absolutely hated confrontation and 4. Socom 2 was the pinnacle of the series 3 and CA were close but not as good. None of them ever seemed to live up to the mechanics of the orginal though IMO.

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