Secret Level Episode 7 – Dead Space Extraction Demo Impressions – First-Person Limb-Severing Fun

PS3 owners are in for a treat as the Dead Space 2 Limited Edition comes with the PS Move-enabled Dead Space Extraction. This previously Wii-exclusive title is an on-rails first-person shooter that puts the Plasma Gun in your hand via the Playstation Move. Head shots and limb-severing are deadly accurate. The atmosphere is just as scary, and even more so with the First-Person perspective. Watch as I provide my impressions and walkthrough of the demo, and let me know what you think!

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Hitman07693922d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

Hell yeah this game looks amazing, extra special level from the secret level! I want this game bad now...

Hey , imagine how amazing a Dead Space game would be on NGP (PSP2)!?!? (looks at little birdy) >_>



@below same here. but let me say this again, imagine what a DS game would be like on PSP2!!!!

ActionBastard3922d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

I never played the Wii version of Extraction, but I'm kinda kicking myself for not playing this sooner. Granted, I prefer Move and HD, but still...good game is good. The move controls are excellent, it looks great AND I got 2 games for $60. Win.

rockleex3922d ago

Man, I hope to get the PS Move soon!

NewZealander3922d ago

cool, just got my ps3 back from repair today, so might have to give this a go, im kinda pissed they deleted my dead space 2 demo before i got to finish it though, still going to pick the game up if i can muster the courage!

SpaceSquirrel3922d ago

Dead Space Extraction looks great on the Playstation 3. I hope there are still some Dead Space 2 Limited Editions left so I can still get it for free.

9thGenHero3922d ago

I was surprised how fun this demo was, even though it's on rails and light gun-ish, I still felt that 1st person shooter vibe as I picked off head shots :)

3922d ago