Lens of Truth - Head2Head: Killzone 2 vs. Crysis 2 Demo Multiplayer Graphics Comparison

Lens of Truth writes "This time we compare the multiplayer game modes of Killzone 2 (PS3 retail), and Crysis 2 (Xbox 360 Demo). Crysis 2 is the PC game that has heralded the highest of remarks when talking about graphics in the FPS genre, and its' recently made its way to the Xbox 360 in the form of an exclusive demo. As for Killzone 2, it's the home console FPS game that all others FPS's are compared against. Find out which of these two graphical giants has the more appealing visuals inside our latest Head2Head."

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donkeydoo3796d ago

No way Crysis 2 Kills Killzone 2 no comparison here.

BakedGoods3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Have you played Killzone 2?

A two-year old game still graphically beats one with bleeding-edge tech.

Welcome to PS3 exclusives.

DualConsoleOwner3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Check these videos out.

Amazing how 2 year old game looks far better...

Far superior hardware of PS3 makes it impossible for Xbox360 games to compete graphically.

Killzone 2

Crysis 2 Demo

Anarki3796d ago

Surely KZ3 will eat Crysis 2 alive.

Motorola3796d ago

Keep in mind this is the 360 version so KZ2 destroys it. On PS3 it will probably look better.

Pandamobile3796d ago

It's funny how Crysis, nearly 3 1/2 years old still looks better than _any_ console game.

Welcome to PC exclusives.

Ducky3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

^ C'mon dude, don't bring a gun to a knife fight.

talltony3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

It really does look better. I remember when I first played killzone 2, it had me saying "damn this game looks good" Playing the crysis 2 demo I really didn't experience the same kind of "omg" moments. It just doesn't look as clear or as detailed as kz2, I'm sorry but it doesn't. It's not hard to see the difference in quality.

RememberThe3573796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

lol Pandamobile with the slap in the face! Although When you think about how the PC as a platform is constantly evolving it would be weird if the best looking games were on console at any point.

Still Games like God of War 3, Killzone 2, and Uncharted 2, look better than 95% of everything else out there, PC included. So the fact that these game even look as good as they do is a testament the developers skills.

geodood3796d ago

It's funny how the PC, even after these past 4 four years, still doesn't have ___any___ GOTY exclusives.

(You're not) welcome to console exclusives.

Army_of_Darkness3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

I can't help but notice how in the crysis 2 video, they're moving all over the place and showing off the enviornment and stuff, but in the killzone 2 video, they seem to barely do anything but hide in the darkest corners of the game as possible?!?! using the zoom in scope alot! like as if LOT is trying to cover up the great graphics KZ2 has?!?! Hmmm...

LunaticBrandon3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )


"Still Games like God of War 3, Killzone 2, and Uncharted 2, look better than 95% of everything else out there, >PC included<."

Not even close. Most PC versions of multiplatform games blow those titles away.

Edit: Keep the disagrees coming its cute.

Spydiggity3796d ago

StarCraft 2

as for the comparison, doesn't Crysis 2 automatically win since it' color?

geodood3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Nope. Try a game that didn't get beaten to GOTY by Mass Effect 2 and third placed by GOW3.

Btw your comment on the comparison is a bit silly, dont you think? KZ2 looks far better than the console version of Crysis 2. It's like saying "graphically KZ3<<<Tetris because of teh colour"

@SomethinginEspanol... I'm sorry I don't speak spanish.

No, no it wasn't. LOL. Maybe to you I suppose, which is good for you mate :) just not to reviewers/awards committees.

yewles13796d ago

Wow, PC fanboys coming to the aid of 360 fanboys AGAIN! They never learn...

pepesuelo3796d ago

Starcraft 2 is better than any game that was nominated for GOTY last year. And D3, if it comes out this year, will easily be the GOTY for many people, myself included.

pain777pas3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

The only games technically better looking than KZ2 are UC and GOW3 in honesty on consoles. I laughed when the IGN reviewer typed about ME2 being 9.5 in the graphics department and I'm playing a better looking version now than the original release. KZ2 came out a year before ME2 and wipes the floor with the game in the graphics dept and probably would have been rated an 8.5 or 9 on IGN. Play KZ2 if you have it today and be amazed at how well it holds up better yet any R&C title or UC1. Do you see where these choices are coming from? If I seem negative its because I was on Yahoo sports forums laying the smackdown on some LA Fakers fans.

morganfell3796d ago

Starcraft 2 is a great game. I have defended it as such on this very site.

That said, what does the PC produce? 10 times the number of games as a console and they manage 1/10th the number of GOTY contenders?

I cut my gaming teeth on Vic 64s and Trash 80s but the quality has faded from the vast majority of PC titles. The best that is often managed nowadays are throw offs from titles whose main effort is the console. PC gamers have no one to blame but themselves for that state. They have made it monetarily nonviable for many developers to try and support the billion configuration duct tape and coat hanger PC crowd.

Having a hard fixed configuration has allowed console developers to do things that most PC developers can't seem to match.

If you look at the overall impact of a game, the way it hits you in the gut, Killzone 2 introduces Crysis 2 to an old fashioned beatdown.

And here is what some are missing. Killzone 2 isn't some new game on the horizon and it is still chosen by 3/4s of the posters as the better title. Why? Because it is. Funny how they didn't bother to try and put it up against Killzone 3. And if people want to toss the PC version into the mix go ahead.

While you can brag about running the game in 2560 x 1600 the boasting ends there at that very point. For a game with higher resolution due to its PC nature PC it lacks the visual punch in the mouth that Killzone 3 delivers.

For all the argument and hoopla some would make, there is no way around the fact one game that supports 3D, Motion Controls, Co-Op, Split Screen, and Full Multiplayer with Clan Support, Bot Support, designed to run on a $299 piece of equipment and it slugs you in a brutal, visceral manner that Crysis 2 cannot.

Ducky3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

^ You do realize that the only group of people you're insulting with that comment is PS3 owners, right?

I wonder how much mud will be thrown when KZ3 and Crysis2 are actually released...

Spydiggity3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

2 people made basically the same comment. and it sounded like this "i worship the ps3, i will defend it to the death. if you even think to say that a game that is exlusive to my god isn't better than sex, then you MUST be a fanboy to the 360 or PC. and you have to work together because the ps3 god and his followers are so much more powerful." seriously...grow up. there is only one type of fanboy in this thread. and it's not pc or 360. i personally happen to like ps3..i just think killzone is absolutely horrible and it looks bad with it's choppy, canned animations, it's dull appearance, it's complete lack of creativity. and i think most gamers would agree...most of the gamers just realized commenting on n4g was pointless a long time ago. the ps3 exclusive guys are living in fantasy land where very average games are the only good games cuz those are the only ones they ever get to play. and you clearly only see what you want to. when watching this comparison, crysis is cleary better in just about EVERY way. i've said it before and i'll say it again. killzone is a visually busy game but NOT a visually impressive game. some people just can't tell the difference.

This is PS3 worship (and it's really sad):

Army_of_Darkness + 22m ago
LOL! The Great PS3 not only has beef with the 360 fanboys, but now the PC fanboys feel threatened so they gonna talk smack! ahahaha! too funny!

The Great ps3? come on, don't you know how nuts you sound? and you are not alone on this site with ridiculous comments like're a dime-a-dozen.

@colombiankilla: not only is that an incredibly immature thing to say, but it also doesn't make any sense and has nothing to do with the discussion. i bet you're like 30+ too, dude. and this is the level on which your mind operates. perpetual 11 year old.

kancerkid3796d ago

I don't really see why everyone is proclaiming KZ2 to be so much better. Maybe slightly better, but is not an avalanche.

Biggest3796d ago

I'm going to guess how this one played out. I say guess because I won't be giving that website any hits.

"Killzone 2 is better in every category that is already known. They throw in a few random categories that they recently decided to add for the sake of evening the comparison. Final tally is that Killzone 2 is better in everything, which obviously means it's only slightly better in the end, but when the real game comes out you can be sure that the 360 version of Crysis 2 will be the best looking console game on the market because screw Sony."

Am I right?

rlm413796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

lol Killzone 2 was a mediocre game with mediocre gameplay.. All it had going for it was the graphics.. It has nothing over Crysis 2 though. You PS3 fanboys sure like to talk a lot of shit to make yourselves feel more secure about your expensive purchase.

Even Halo Reach dominates Killzone 2 as an overall package. (gameplay + graphics for you idiots).

Army_of_Darkness3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Lets get things straight here...Did I say that the PS3 is a great console, YES! worshipping it however, NO!
Just as I think my GF is GREAT, My Sharp 120 hz 46" aquos LCDTV is GREAT! My parents are GREAT! macain cake is GREAT! Family guy is great!... But do I worship them... No.
So stop talking shit fool.

thereapersson3796d ago

So much mud-slinging, name-calling and other nonsense.


And spydiggity, you are one of the worst offenders here!

"i personally happen to like ps3..i just think killzone is absolutely horrible and it looks bad with it's choppy, canned animations, it's dull appearance, it's complete lack of creativity. and i think most gamers would agree..."

Actually, most of the gaming media, and many gamers who don't even know what N4G is, would DISAGREE with you. So, whatever floats your boat there, bud.

HolyOrangeCows3796d ago

"we feel that Killzone 2 still has a slight graphical advantage"

ROFL! When Lens of Truth admits to a PS3 exclusive looking better than a game on the 360, you KNOW it looks good.

And they're not even comparing it to Killzone THREE.

BattleAxe3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

PC gamers never give credit where credit is due when it comes to console games. Killzone 3 to most people it seems, looks better than Crysis 2, but because its a "console game" PC gamers will continue to put their cut and paste arguments in these threads.

When it comes to multiplatform games, sure they might look a bit better on the PC, but when it comes to the PS3 exclusive games we've seen over the past few years, there really aren't any PC games that touch them. I've got Crysis and Crysis warhead, and they are impressive looking games, but to say that they blow everything else out of the water is a bit of a stretch. The only reason that you would bash Killzone 2, Killzone 3, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, Uncharted 2 or even Metal Gear Solid 4 is because you're a straight up PC or 360 fanboy.

I've got a STEAM account and a good gaming PC, but even though I spent a fair bit of money on my PC and I take pride in the fact that my PC can run everything out there on the highest settings in 99% of the games available for PC, I still recognise that the PS3 and its first party games are second to none. Personally I think that the hardcore PC fanboys out there should buy a PS3 and enjoy some of these great games that Sony has, because you are truely missing out. Instead some of you are probably more interested in running benchmarks on your games rather than actually playing the games and sincerely enjoying them. I wish that Lens of Truth would get banned from this site.

SasanovaS19873796d ago

kz2 all day, but scratch all that, bring on kz3 son

beardpapa3796d ago

to be honest guys, if I didn't know it was a crysis 2 multiplayer demo, I would've thought was a video of an upcoming COD game.

ABizzel13795d ago

Killzone 2 looks better, but Crysis probably the 2nd best looking FPS on consoles. I love how vivid and how much color Crysis as, but it may just be standing out more next to the awfully dark pics. they used from Killzone.

Again Killzone 2 is a retail game, and Crysis 2 was only a beta, so we'll have to see what it looks like once it comes out.

King_many_layers3795d ago

their comparison is ridiculous. They should have picked Corinth crossing as it is the map which is the most similar in terms of it's lighting and general colour pallete.

What you guys are all failing to remember also though is the fact that Crysis 2 is an open world game, however the demo only shows one confined area in a very small map.
KZ2 however is a game with a linear progression, allowing for less of the environment to accessible and a looser demand for geometery, textures and so on.

This all goes over into the multiplayer as developers strive to maintain the same quality throughout.

megalonagyix3795d ago

so? Crysis still beats Killzone 2/3, and its a 3+ year old game.

rockleex3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Funny how we're talking about games on consoles, yet PC fanboys still bring up the PC versions.

If Crysis 2 on consoles can't even beat Killzone 2 graphically, what makes you think Guerrilla Games or Naughty Dog won't utterly kill Crysis 1 or 2 on PC if they wanted to make a PC game?

Remember, the PS3 is a 5 year old console. While PC's can constantly upgrade their specs.

Not only that, Crysis didn't even awe me until the ultra-realistic mods came out for it.

Once again proving that Sony has the best developers at optimizing their codes, while delivering the best games.

thats_just_prime3795d ago

LoT is really sucking up to those ps3 fangirls after showing how much better ME2 looked on the xbox. Crysis 2 destroyed lagzone 2 it isnt even funny but they said lagzone 2 is better cause they done want to piss off the ps3 fangirls again

Dude4203795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

@ BattleAxe

Or it could be, you know, that PS3 fanboys claimed multiple times that Killzone 2 and UC2 were graphically better than PC Crysis. I think they're the ones making enemies here.

CoxMulder3795d ago

Multiplats on PC might run in a much higher resolution with some dx11 tricks, but still look like poo in terms of animation etc..

Don't get me started on the optimization.

If it wasn't for the mod community, PC would probably be a horrific platform to game on.

Hearing PC-fanboys talk about the platform, you'd almost forget about the hours spend on (un)installing the right(/wrong) drivers, scouring the internet for the right patches, waiting for a community-fix. Finally realizing your GPU has serious compatibility issues with this game.

All while easily meeting the system requirements on the back of the box.

PC-gaming, something I've grown too old for..

Dude4203795d ago

@ CoxMulder

Way to troll PC gaming. If certain drivers are finnicky, It takes 10 minutes tops, not even that, to revert back. Unless of course you're computer is too old, then the startup of your OS can be a pain.

Compatability issues? I think the only compatibility issues I've had with my modern card was running very old games, something consoles can't do. Again, maybe your computer's too old to run modern games.

Opyimization? Well there are a lot of console games that are badly optimized, so I don't see how PC is the only victim here.

Community fix? I don't get it. If there's game that has problems, then it's possible the PC community can fix it. What if there's a game with problems on consoles, yeah, no chance at all. I replayed SW KOTOR not too long ago and I'm happy that there's a community fix that plays the game in 1080p when, you know, the game itself didn't support it.

The PC platform is a great place to game on actually, I don't need a PC mod community to enjoy it. However, the PC mod community just makes PC gaming that much better.

No I don't think you've grown too old for PC gaming, just impatient.

zeddy3795d ago

well god of war 3 beats both.

Too_many_games3795d ago

to Pandamobile:

its funny how a gaming platform with 900 million to 1 billion users has horrible game sales and frequent piracy ;)

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Joule3796d ago

Pretty close, Killzone still looks better.

BiggCMan3796d ago

If i'm honest, I don't even think its close. Sure these screens make it seem close. But when you see Crysis 2 in motion, it doesn't look that good at all compared to Killzone 2. I just started playing the single player again in Killzone 2, and everything looks miles better. BUT, I am still convinced that the single player for Crysis 2 will look miles better than the multiplayer demo that was just released for it. I am very unimpressed with the demo graphically, and with performance.


Have any of you played the Crysis demo/beta? I thank crytek has just brought Killzone 2 type graphics to the 360, something that you fanboys said couldn't be done. Not to mention you guys aren't taking into account that this is Multiplayer(graphics are slightly different), its a beta, and the game is 2 months away.

Spydiggity3796d ago

"Sure these screens make it seem close. But when you see Crysis 2 in motion, it doesn't look that good at all compared to Killzone 2."

if you had even bothered to click the link before expressing your opinion completely out of ignorance, you'd see that this IS a video comparison. wow

saladthieves3796d ago

That assuming Crysis 2 is running on PC and Killzone 2 on PS3. If you're talking about both on PS3, then Killzone 2 has the upper hand mate.

callahan093796d ago

It's interesting to me: for some reason Crysis looks much better in stills than it does in motion, but Killzone looks much better in motion than it does in stills. Killzone 2 and 3 are both kind of unimpressive looking to me in still shots, but blows me completely away in motion. Killzone 3 in motion looks so amazing. I think it must have something to do with the lighting engine or something. When things are set in motion, Killzone games are just mind-bogglingly beautiful, I think because of the way light plays off of surfaces and reflects and refracts, it's just simply gorgeous. When you just get a single frame of that, just the one slice, you just don't get the same effect, it never does the game justice.

RememberThe3573796d ago

I can see exactly what your talking about. But I love the Killzone art style; that gritty dark look. Personally I think bother games look great. And i can't wait to plat both KZ3 and Crysis 2. But I think, at least on console, Killzone has Crysis beat fairly soundly.

metalanime3796d ago

ive been having way more fun in the c2 beta than with kz2. I like that kz has so many players and mixed up the game types, but it gets annoying and isnt much fun for me. And comparing graphics doesnt fit well here. I dont expect c2 to be better, but that doesnt stop it from looking great, even thought textures do pop up, but i wouldnt expect much more from a beta. From my experience, c2 in motion looks much better than the videos some have posted.

Its funny because in about every other game, with a similar color/art style, people complain that darkness and smoke cover up the flaws and make a game look graphically superior. As a matter of fact, that was even a big criticism when kz2 released. Closer looks actually revealed a lot of textures and details to be flat; not boasted by graphical power, but carried by the art style. It has great art design and lighting effects, its not all graphics.

Even if Crysis 2 looks half as good as KZ3, I like it because its fun and a different experience. Well see what kz brings to the table. Either way ill experience both. Still a bummer c2 is only supporting 12 players for now...

metalanime3796d ago

ive been having way more fun in the c2 beta than with kz2. I like that kz has so many players and mixed up the game types, but it gets annoying and isnt much fun for me. And comparing graphics doesnt fit well here. I dont expect c2 to be better, being a multiplat and all, but that doesnt stop it from looking great. Even thought textures do pop up, but i wouldnt expect much more from a beta. My time with c2 looks much better than the vids some people are posting anyway, worst part of the visuals being the pop up textures.

Its funny because in about every other game, people complain that darkness and smoke cover up the flaws and make a game seem visually superior. As a matter of fact, that was even a big criticism when kz2 released. Closer looks actually revealed a lot of textures to be flat; and not a product of graphical power, but an art style catered to the theme. It has great art design and lighting effects, but its not all graphics.

I dont like c2 so far because it looks better anyway, i like it because its way more fun than kz2. A different experience. Well see what kz3 bring to the table. Either way ill be playing both, but if all kz3 is bringing is jet packs sliding and more/tweaked weapons, i dont know that ill spend as much time there.

Graphics are no reason to get behind a game anyway, comparisons are better left for multi-plats. Its pointless for individual games.

Tinasumsum3796d ago

Crysis 2 slaps KZ2 and KZ3.

Beta Multi player

Old Single player

I had KZ2 it doesn't come close to the single player in Crysis 2.

LiLTich923796d ago

AHAHA you are joking right ? i downloaded the crysis 2 demo for 360 and it comes no where near kz2 or kz3 (alpha stage) remeber there on about consoles !!

Tinasumsum3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

And PS3 is selling more than the Wii LMAO

It's a nice flame bait article and is very easy to exploit PS3 fanboys over this topic for hits and brownie points. I dare you guys in here to buy a 360 and play the demo.

starcrafter3796d ago

We need to get rid of your bubbles. You're in every article fanboying about Bayonetta or the 360. Seriously. Just GTFO. You get as much haemorrhoids from all your butthurt as you do disagrees, just leave.

DualConsoleOwner3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

i know. its so sad too.. he is always about doing damage control or trolling...

lol. nice try. but PC footage wont help you.

I mean fact that 2 year old PS3 game looks far better than Crysis 2 on console shows that PS3 hardware is far more superior.

Scotland-Tha-Brave3796d ago

lol read the article dumbass, kz2 blows c2 out of the water on xbox, and im betting it will on ps3

Tinasumsum3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

I don't even see how you guys can say KZ2 looks better from this footage the comparison video is garbage quality. You have to play the two games on hardware to know what you're talking about. Don't listen to other fanboys and the author's opinion.



See what I mean, you think that's PC footage this is my point. Nice one. This is the funniest stunt this industry and fanboys have pulled in a couple of years.


I'll translate your comment. You are telling people to silence me and to have that comment showing those videos deleted.

Crysis 2 has a photo real style with photo real art and lighting, KZ2/3 have color filtered arty styles with a painted touch like Uncharted.

Took me 5 minutes just to find a KZ3 screenshot close to the same league as Crysis 2.

Jazz41083796d ago

It does not matter if crysis looks 10 x better then kz2 this is a ps3 fansite and they will never admit it. When the media or someone else high up speaks the truth they are 360 biased or on ms payroll. Why can't you guys own both consoles and enjoy the games instead of defending your console of choice no matter what even when its not true. I play on both consoles and give kz2 props but don't discredit the 360 either as its a fantastic gaming experience for 50 million people or more. They just ar not on n4g speaking there mind when its true or false they care about gaming as hobbies and experience all games on all platforms. Just my 2cents of what n4g is about.

suicidalblues3796d ago

& Tina

Most ps3 owners I know actually have both systems. We buy them with money we earn from having jobs. Maybe you could ask your mommy for a ps3 instead of acting like a singe console retard.

m23453796d ago

Tinasumsum: seriously, quit trolling. really.

swinesucker3795d ago

LOL. You really are not doing Crysis any favors with that screenshot bud. Nice try but that background detail is horrible. That picture says reduced resolution all over it but not by much. It's mostly the crap resolution of the textures that is the problem. And if you had trouble finding pics you are just being dumb.

Killzone has always been about how it looks in motion. Crysis 2 looks okay bud nothing more. I have thoroughly played the demo. It looks good. It's definitely nothing even close to KZ3 for christ. With KZ2 you can compare the two more. Crysis tries the wide open lit up atmosphere but seriously fails imo. The consoles just don't succeed very well there. Uncharted 2 looks a shit ton better than Crysis 2 does in the daylight. This is without question. There are tons of jaggies all over in Crysis 2 on consoles and some of the textures are downright horrid as your screenshot says.

3795d ago
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DIEGOtheGREAT3796d ago

@above I noticed that typical LOT

Strickforce3796d ago


Are you kidding? rofl - the PC is the reason consoles exist. Point #1.

Point #2 - GOTY? Hmm, counter-strike, which is a freaking MOD of a game that is 10 years old, is still the most played game of all time. Also interesting, the torney's for 'pro gamers' are all on PC, and for 100grand+. Consoles in the mean time are reserved for 100-200 dollar little kid torney's at the local gamestop haha...

PC will always dominate the graphics department. That said, killzone 2 definately looks better then crysis 2 (on the console). The PC, forget it Crysis 2 is going to be another benchmark that all games will get compared to graphically.

cooperdnizzle3796d ago

Your funny. Game console have been out just as long as gaming on computers. And yea the ps2 has sold way more software then a pc could ever do. I own 360 ps3 and a pc, My pc pretty much just sits there. And yea its a high end pc, the only game that was really fun was mass effect. Cyrsis sucked so bad i couldn't play it for more than like 20 mins! It was horrible. Good graphics horrible game ! Killzone 3 will kill crysis too. That's why this article brings up killzone 2! Hope all you idiots can see that!

Rynx3796d ago

What I want to see is PS3 exclusive comparisons. This flamebait articles are getting old.

talltony3796d ago

Rim you fail. Just because you werent skilled enough to enjoy killzone 2 doesn't mean others arent. Killing someone in a fps has never felt as good as it does in kz2. The guns just felt so right in that game.

bluwulf3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

I'm sorry PS3 owners. You once again have to go through this nonsense. Year after year, Microsoft offers absolutely nothing in exclusive terms to rival the PS3's hardware. The only one thing that ever was, was gears of war. Now that that ship has sailed, its multiplat..

after multiplat...

after multiplat...

The same people that cry foul when the PS3's graphics are mentioned, you know exactly who you are. "BUH BUH GRAPHICS DONT MATTURRR" are always, always, the firsst in line to claim that yet another multiplatform game can compete with the PS3's visuals.

And what happens EVERY year, Every prototype, every metro2033, every bioshock, every Call of duty, every DIRT.. every PURE.. It ends up delivering an underwhelming experience visually on both consoles, to where 360 fans have to retreat from a pure graphical software win, but claim "buh well its art style is better!" BS, you were just claiming the Lighting was oh so amazing, the texture detail, the animation, everything. Then when it turns out you've all been looking at non retail code.. well... see Example you ask?

Alan F`ing Wake. Alan wake was in development as long as Gran Turismo. Alan Wake was called "only possible on the 360 utilizing the full power of the Xbox." Blah blah blah, and what happened guys? What happened that always happened? They couldn't even deliver a sandbox world with detail. So it was reduced, either way. It flopped, had no nods for visuals, animation, and Xbox fans tried to pretend its flashlight-lighting- was amazing, as if no one played Half Life 2..? There are dozens of these examples.

Splinter Cell was another one... we had all these VS MGS4, VS Uncharted 2, then the game shipped. And as always, Xbox fans moved onto something else to hype.

"Graphics dont matter" and its off to the next multiplat of the year. This year is going to have a bunch of flops(as in multiplatform games that Xbox fans pretend will visually out do Killzone & Uncharted 2. Rage, Brink, I think Xbox fans finally gave up on Bulletstorm, but it took this long.

How about Xbox fans just leave graphics talk to PC owners and PS3 owners. PC owners can at least debate or compare PS3's top exclusives to the PC. Although the PC clearly trumps it, there is at least competition, where as therers nothing on the 360 that competes with the PS3, thats released.

Its always BUH BUH WAIT.. Don't even get riled up folks. Its the same cycle as there always is. 360 owners trying to justify their hardware claiming it can compete with todays standards.

Sony's handheld rivals the 360's visuals.. someone think about that please.

meetajhu3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Crysis PC>>>>>>> >>>>Crysis 2 PC>>>>>Killzone 3>>>Killzone 2>>>>& gt;>>>>>>> ; >>>>>Crysis 2 consoles

Inside_out3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

The video shows, even with a complete noob playing Crysis, that Crysis really out guns KZ 2 and I suspect KZ 3. That kid playing Crysis was actually playing it like it was Killzone. Using the steps and trying to hide behind cover...WTF. You can climb on EVERYTHING in Crysis...those green houses...every railing...he was walking around the railings and using the steps like in

KZ looks claustrophobic. The dark and murky environments with that constant noise and background effects will having you run back to COD in no time.

When I first played the Crysis beta I was comparing it to Crysis on PC NOT PC, you have the ability to run it on high settings assuming you have a rig capable of doing so. Lots of video's showing what can be done with the tech on PC and Crysis on consoles won't match that...nothing on consoles can match a high end PC.

The map design on Crysis is fantastic and as you spend time playing the beta, the graphics and game play will really start to grow on you to the point where you might just start to think they are some of the best. Is it multiplayer experience is, I don't care what game or how long a beta you have.

KZ 3 looks to have alot of the same problems as KZ 2. Dark corridors and compressed game play a result of the lacking level design. Does KZ2 and 3 look good...yes...but it won't matter if after 20 mins you have to run out side and get some sun and fresh air because you feel like you have been trapped in a closet playing Killzone...LOL

@sadwolf, that's right it's Sony against the rest of the world. It's a conspiracy, that's what it is. They just hate Sony and that's why Sony exclusives are not even the top selling games on it's own system...O_o...PS3 gamers are buying the multi-plats instead of the exclusives because????...they are BETTER...get a grip kid.

talltony3795d ago

For god's sake get off the fanboy bandwagon and open your eyes!

I swear in your eyes LESS IS ALWAYS MORE....